Borough mayor insensitive to constituent's issues

Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2004

In 20 years of business, I have never had a conversation with a more self-righteous and pompous individual as Mayor Dale Bagley. On May 17, 2004, I sent a letter to the Kenai Peninsula Borough outlining an incident in which the borough misrepresented itself and cost me a lot of time and money.

The borough never addressed the issue. I sent a follow-up letter on Oct. 4 asking for some resolution without litigation. I asked for open communication as a means of resolution.

What I got was an antagonistic borough mayor on the phone who chewed me out for writing a letter to the assembly. The mayor took no responsibility for his department head. He said, "Don't expect any help from the borough at all," and in his words, "Go ahead and sue us."

Mayor Bagley made absolutely no attempt to deal with the problem, only to vent on me. I called the borough and my assembly person to find out to whom the mayor is accountable and found out it is only to the voters. Mayor Bagley is at the end of his term so he is accountable to no one.

The situation is this: You have the head of the borough chewing out its citizens for communicating with their elected officials, and then inviting them to "go ahead and sue us."

I am a developer inside the borough, and it is important that I have open lines of communication with various departments. The department heads take their direction from the mayor who has said, "Don't expect any help from the borough." My project has been unfairly compromised.

What are my options? Do what the mayor suggests and sue the borough or wait another year until he is gone?

The borough is not the problem. In fact, it is the answer to the problem. The borough is like a good ship with a good crew with a lousy captain.

As a citizen, businessman and community volunteer, it is incomprehensible to be treated this way by a so-called public servant. In talking with people who work with the mayor, I am at the end of a long list of victims. I share some of the responsibility because I voted for him.

Blaine Bardarson


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