Reader: Palin knows more about Alaska issues

Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2006

In November Alaskans will have a choice in voting for who they want to be governor of our great State. The choice will be between and old has-been who has a legacy of being one of the worst governors we’ve had and and energetic and professional female who did and exemplary fob as Mat-Su mayor and Gas Commission appointee. Let’s see how they compare on social, economic, and fisheries issues.

As former governor Tony Knowles had the highest unemployment rate in the nation. He actually lost more private sector jobs than he created. He advocated a State income tax that would cost the average family $1,800 a year and also wanted to take PFD checks away from residents. Thus a family of four would give $5,000-$6,000 a year to the State. It should also be mentioned that he failed to get a gas of pipeline legislation passed in 8 years.

Sarah Palin as Mat-Su mayor lowered and cut taxes. She doesn’t support any State Income tax and will fight to deep your PFD checks in your hands. As a Gas Commission member she has the connections at State and national levels to get the gas and oil-pipe line legislation including ANWR passed creating jobs and supplying money for our schools.

On social issues Tony Knowles is beholding to the Hollywood crowd of George Soros and Michael Moore who dumped money through the Democratic National committee for his U.S. Senate run and are still dumping money into the DNC. This crowd advocates pro-abortion, gay marriage, anti-gun, and anti-hunting legislation and other liberal ideas.

Sarah Palin is a pro-life and pro-family conservative who feels that all life is precious. She feels that family values are important and not outdated.

Our fisheries issues Tony Knowles wrecked sport and commercial fisheries by appointing a liberal journalist to run Fish and Game by appointing non qualified political hacks to fishery boards. His biggest blunder was not challenging the court decision that let Clinton and the federal government to gain authority over our salmon rivers. He lied to the public and then failed to fight the decision. Our fisheries struggled for the 8 years Tony was in office.

Sarah Palin is quite independent and is beholding to no group. She supports sport and commercial fishing and will appoint professionals to fishery boards. She is full of ideas to enhance our fisheries and protect our hunting rights.

In summary Tony Knowles knows less about Alaskan issues and Sarah Palin knows more.

Donald Szepanski


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