Initiative supporter wasn’t aggressive or antihunting

Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2006

A letter from Dianne MacLean (Oct. 6) alleges that an “anti hunting ballot initiative” group was blocking the post office entrances recently. This “group” was in fact one person whom I talked with there and did not observe the “aggressive” behavior alleged. If he was aggressive at other times I do not approve.

The ballot initiative he was gathering signatures for is not anti hunting. The organization sponsoring it is Alaskans for Wildlife. I personally know all 3 of the organizations sponsors; Nick Jans, Joel Bennett, and Tom Walker. Two are hunters and the third is a retired hunting guide. Their initiative purpose involves the lack of relevant research being used to justify a massive extermination of wolves and bears across a giant swath of Alaska. Airborne wolf killing is a major part of this program; something Alaskans have twice rejected at the ballot box in 1996 and 2000. Now those voters whose will have twice been violated have even more scientific confirmation of their wisdom. Over 500 scientists with the American Society of Mammalogists have released a resolution pointing out how far out of the mainstream of modern scientific wildlife management the current Board of Game policies are.

As far off as Ms. MacLean was on the anti hunting allegation, I’m now wondering how one person with one small table could block “the entrances” to Soldotna’s post office. When I was there he was out front, well away from both doors.

While their is a constitutional right to gather signatures for this initiative or any other I do not know if postal authorities have any policy against it.

John Toppenberg


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