Bridge delays show poor planning

Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2006

When are we going to hold those in Government, that work for us, accountable for their mistakes? Private industry would not stand for the mismanagement and mistakes made with the building of this “Mickey Mouse bridge,” across a narrow part of the Kenai River. Looks like we will be going into a third year of lane restrictions.

Maybe the State should file for an extension to keep the temp bridge in place, just in case this new one falls down!

They’re blaming ice on one of the delays -- well duh, the River has been known to produce ice in the Winter. How about blaming the engineers on not anticipating this.

Good grief, and we’re talking about building a bridge across the Knik Arm? Hint: The Arm also has ice flows! Give me a break! If this ever happens, I’m hoping some film maker will record the construction for a reality TV show on “How not to build a bridge.” Better yet, how about installing bleachers along with food vendors on both shores, to give us Alaskans a comfortable view on “how they don’t do it outside”

I get so tired of elected officials who “remain optimistic” about every screw up that costs you and me money and time. Keep in mind we’re paying for this fiascos in fuel taxes.

Well I’m optimistic, that maybe we will find “where the buck stops,” and fire that whole bunch.

Thank goodness fuel prices are going down, as it won’t cost as much waiting this Spring to cross the one lane bridge -- again!

Gary R. Bennett Sr.


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