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Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I was challenged about the job of the president being a "community organizer" and that definitely was what he worked at after getting his law degree and going to work. But in searching, nobody seems to come up with anything else. In my wife's 1931 Websters dictionary, it says, Job: A piece of work, an employment occupation, duty, task.

We have a friend whose family had a dairy farm in Washington state during and after the depression of the 20s and that the children started to milk cows at the age of 7-8 years old. That is what I would consider a job.

I would mention that in my high school days in the 1940s, about 85 percent of the students were farm children. All the farm boys on the baseball team had to milk cows and do chores before going to school and after school, the same. And during the spring planting and fall harvesting, most of the boys went to the fields to take over the tractor while dad went to do chores. It was also amazing how many girls milked cows and did other chores around the farm.

One of the first things I can remember was pulling a kitchen chair up the kitchen sink and washing and drying eggs and putting them in a 30-dozen egg case, might have been 4-5 years old, just helping my mother with her job. In her diary, every Saturday they took two cases -- that is 60 dozen eggs -- to sell, and received $6.60 for them.

But mother had to take half of that to the owner of the farm we rented 50/50 on all income. That left her $3.30 cents to buy staples for our family of five for a week.

The big difference between today and then -- we were happy and had fun. No drugs, killings or robberies.

For some reason beyond comprehension, the president did not have to do any thing as difficult as that.

Paul Morrison, Kenai

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