Doing the math on Murkowski contributions

Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2010

After hearing the Murkowski camp complaining about Joe Miller receiving money from outside Tea Party supporters, I decided to look into where Lisa gets her money. I found several that list all the incumbents and downloaded the individual contributions from her top twenty sources. If you give more than $250, you are required to divulge your employer, and all contributions from that employer are counted toward that employer's total.

At the time, all the top 20 contributors totaled $201,000. The only Alaskans were three Anchorage lawyers in a firm that also had an office in Washington DC. Their contributions totaled $2,075.

There were few of the 20 that I recognized as doing business in Alaska (such as Exxon, Chevron, Trident and AT&T). None of those had any contributors listed from Alaska. This tells me that only the corporate bigwigs, not the everyday workers, support her.

The papers reported Lisa had a $1.8 million dollar warchest left over after the primary. It's my understanding she could have kept that money.

My theory: her big money-big government backers figured they'll do better with Democrat McAdams than a strict constitutionalist like Joe Miller. McAdams' only chance would be if Lisa could split the vote enough to let McAdams win. They wanted something for the money they already contributed. A doomed write-in effort was their best shot. It's a plausible Rest-of-the-Story.

Vicki Pate, Nikiski

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