Skyview, Seward, Kenai enjoy small tri-meet

Posted: Sunday, October 20, 2002

Good things come in small packages.

Out from under the crush of the large invitational meets, swimming and diving teams from Seward, Kenai Central and Skyview had a chance to shine Saturday at Skyview High School.

"This was a fabulous meet for our kids," said Kenai coach Eleanor Thomson. "It's a morale booster for them -- it's a such a pity that this whole season, we haven't had smaller meets for smaller teams. It gives them a feel for where they really are. ... We had some fabulous times. Almost everybody had personal bests."

In fact, the day's results had all the coaches involved, as well as most of the athletes, eager to schedule more two- and three-team meets next season and skip some of the larger invitationals.

"Tri-meets and dual meets are so much better, especially for small teams. The bigger clubs don't cream us with their depth," said Skyview coach Dennis Reger. "This has a little more of a festival atmosphere. Kids know they can come in and actually compete, so it's more of a team-oriented thing."

That attitude certainly made for some good performances in the pool as the Skyview girls nipped the Kardinals by two points, 114-112, in the team standings while the Skyview boys won a close race in the boys meet.


Skyview's Stephanie Lambe wins the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 58:56.

Photo by M. Scott Moon

Seward coach Janet Van Driessche ran down the list of Seahawk swimmers with personal best times at the meet and was able to include just about every one of her swimmers in just about every event.

"I don't look at the placements. I look for better times," Van Driessche said. "I'm excited about this meet. We've been to so many invitationals. For Skyview, Kenai and us, it's great for smaller teams to get to get together. The kids had fun."

Kenai's Luke Baumer said support from his team helped him both the 200-yard freestyle and the 100 breaststroke.

"I appreciate my teammates helping me out, giving me a lot of motivation -- especially Landon Mishler," Baumer said. "The 200 freestyle win was a surprise. I started a little slow, but I was able to pick up the pace. I think that's the key -- keeping up your pace and then being able to sprint the last 50."

Skyview's Jackie Rainwater said the tri-meet format helped her stay loose and focused.

"It was nice to be able to come out and relax and have fun with it," Rainwater said. "We've come a long way since last year. We have a lot of really improved swimmers."


Merrick Jackinsky swims to a victory Saturday morning in the 100-yard backstroke for the Skyview Panthers during a tri-meet at Skyview.

Photo by M. Scott Moon

"There's still some pressure, but it's a low-pressure meet," said Kenai's Kelsey Dunn. "A lot of people were swimming things they wouldn't normally be swimming, just getting some times in them.

"Our goal today was to come out, have everybody work their hardest and get personal bests. Everybody came through. We're still building. Lots of us are really sore. By regions, we'll be going faster, just because we will have tapered down."

Skyview's Clark Buffington, a freshman, counted himself among the improved swimmers.

"I think I'm improving, little by little," Buffington, a winner in the boys 50 freestyle, said.

Baumer was the only boy to win a pair of individual events Saturday. Three Skyview girls doubled up, with Stephanie Lambe taking the 200 and 100 freestyle races, Ashley Risch winning the 200 individual medley and 100 butterfly, and Vanessa Williams taking the 50 and 500 freestyles.

Seward and Kenai at Skyview


Team scores: 1. Skyview, 114; 2. Kenai, 112; 3. Seward, 45.

200-YARD MEDLEY RELAY -- 1. Skyview (Jackie Rainwater, Ashley Risch, Stephanie Lambe, Vanessa Williams), 2 minutes,11.89 seconds; 2. Kenai, 2:15.73; 3. Seward, 2:21.39.

200 FREESTYLE -- 1. Stephanie Lambe, Sky, 2:10.77; 2. Jacqueline Van Driessche, Sew, 2:16.40; 3. Maia Matarrese, Sky, 2:38.11; 4. Kristin Siter, Ken, 2:39.61.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY -- 1. Ashley Risch, Sky, 2:35.16; 2. Ruth McConnell, Ken, 2:42.47; 3. Jackie Rainwater, Sky, 2:54.08; 4. Desiree Huntsman, Ken, 3:01.69.

50 FREESTYLE -- 1. Vanessa Williams, Sky, 27.53; 2. Amanda Keen, Ken, 27.66; 3. Kris Shedd, Sky, 29.70; 4. Christin Clark, Sew, 30.90.

1-METER DIVING -- 1. Rachel Knowles, Ken, 180.40; 2. Dixie Meeks, Ken, 112.50.

100 BUTTERFLY -- 1. Ashley Risch, Sky, 1:15.67; 2. Amanda Keen, Ken, 1:23.36; 3. Desiree Huntsman, Ken, 1:24.95; 4. Becky Kilfoyle, Sky, 1:41.95.

100 FREESTYLE -- 1. Stephanie Lambe, Sky, 58.56; 2. Kris Shedd, Sky, 1:10.67; 3. Rachel Knowles, Ken, 1:10.88; 4. Kelsey Dunn, Ken, 1:14.50.

500 FREESTYLE -- 1. Vanessa Williams, Sky, 6:05.65; 2. Madison Gifford, Ken, 6:45.02; 3. Kendra Lucus, Sky, 7:45.58.

200 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Kenai (Amanda Keen, Desiree Huntsman, Madison Gifford, Ruth McConnell), 1:54.57; 2. Seward, 2:05.05; 3. Skyview, 2:06.12.

100 BACKSTROKE -- 1. Jacqueline Van Driessche, Sew, 1:08.12; 2. Ruth McConnell, Ken, 1:15.51; 3. Madison Gifford, Ken, 1:17.80; 4. Becky Kilfoyle, Sky, 1:26.52.

100 BREASTSTROKE -- 1. Christin Clark, Sew, 1:25.57; 2. Jackie Rainwater, Sky, 1:30.20; 3. Kelsey Dunn, Ken, 1:33.93; 4. Maia Matarrese, Sky, 1:34.27.

400 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Skyview (Ashley Risch, Vanessa Williams, Maia Matarrese, Stephanie Lambe), 4:16.76; 2. Kenai, 5:06.05.

Team scores: 1. Skyview, 80; 2. Seward, 71; 3. Kenai, 62.

200 MEDLEY RELAY -- 1. Kenai (Luke Baumer, Landon Mishler, Nolan Schmidt, Jordan Garten), 2:20.83.

200 FREESTYLE -- 1. Luke Baumer, Ken, 2:17.89; 2. Merrick Jackinsky, Sky, 2:19.34; 3. Nick Swann, Sew, 2:20.92; 4. John Revis, Sky, 2:46.60.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY -- 1. Walter Moore, Sew, 2:25.44; 2. Troy Eberline, Sky, 2:26.02; 3. Landon Mishler, Ken, 2:53.61; 4. Charlie Yoo, Sew, 3:07.31.

50 FREESTYLE -- 1. Clark Buffington, Sky, 26.71; 2. Nolan Schmidt, Ken, 26.85; 3. Walter Moore, Sew, 27.08; 4. David LeClair, Sew, 28.44.

1-METER DIVING -- 1. Jordan Garten, Ken, 148.20.

100 BUTTERFLY -- 1. Troy Eberline, Sky, 1:12.40; 2. Landon Mishler, Ken, 1:27.50; 3. Leonard McDermott, Sew, 1:43.65.

100 FREESTYLE -- 1. Nick Swann, Sew, 1:01.20; 2. Clark Buffington, Sky, 1:01.44; 3. John Revis, Sky, 1:15.21.

500 FREESTYLE -- 1. Matt Bates, Sky, 6:15.11; 2. Nolan Schmidt, Ken, 6:49.74.

200 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Seward (Nick Swann, Charlie Yoo, David LeClair, Walter Moore), 1:51.31.

100 BACKSTROKE -- 1. Merrick Jackinsky, Sky, 1:08.89; 2. David LeClair, Sew, 1:13.52.

100 BREASTSTROKE -- 1. Luke Baumer, Ken, 1:17.24; 2. Matt Bates, Sky, 1:26.25; 3. Charlie Yoo, Sew, 1:27.77; 4. Kyler Hyman, Sky, 1:59.42.

400 FREESTYLE RELAY -- 1. Seward (Nick Swann, David LeClair, Charlie Yoo, Walter Moore), 4:13.40. 2. Skyview, 4:46.78.

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