Limbaugh's divisive voice did nothing to help nation What others say

Posted: Monday, October 20, 2003

The easiest thing for Rush Limbaugh to do after ESPN canned him and reports surfaced he abused highly addictive drugs was to cut and run.

He did, but that's what he should have done long before last week.

He announced last week he would check himself into a treatment center for 30 days in an attempt to break his drug habit. That, of course, means he's out of the limelight and line of political land mines that continued to explode around him after reports surfaced he was buying OxyContin and other painkillers from a pusher.

Unfortunately, Mr. Limbaugh didn't have incentive to get treatment earlier and save America from one of its most divisive voices while getting filthy rich feeding the fears and biases of millions of people.

He is brilliant but mean-spirited, articulate but hypocritical.

We wish him a full recovery from his addiction and pain and hope he has time to reflect on the harm he's done the nation with his vitriolic dogma. ...

But remember, he only checked himself into the treatment center after he had no other place to run, and he never leveled with his audience until police confirmed he is under investigation.

The Decatur (Ala.) Daily - Oct. 14

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