Gun owners will be well represented by Knowles

Posted: Wednesday, October 20, 2004

This is the first "Letter to the Editor" that I have written. However, a recent chance to meet Gov. Knowles is the cause for my letter.

I listened to Gov. Knowles talk about his position on the various issues facing Alaska today. I was impressed with his thoughtful answers and obvious concern for the welfare of Alaskans and Alaska.

But, my question for Gov. Knowles was his feelings about the Second Amendment. He is a Democrat. How can he be pro Second Amendment?

I asked him, face to face, his position on carrying concealed weapons, renewing the federal assault weapons ban and closing the "so-called" gun show loophole.

He believes in our right to carry concealed firearms. He has publicly opposed renewing the federal assault weapon ban. He assured me he thinks gun shows are fine just the way they are.

Many of my fellow NRA members don't want to vote for Tony strictly because of his "views" on the Second Amendment. Do your own research. Don't depend on TV ads and biased information in the mail. Alaska gun owners will be well represented by Tony Knowles.

Well, I just wanted to write this before I head out for the gun show in Anchorage.

Jim Cooper , Soldotna

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