Number of guides, not horsepower, the problem

Posted: Friday, October 20, 2006

I feel that raising the horsepower limit from 35 HP to 50HP will not solve the bank erosion problem that it is said to solve. The boats have increasingly gotten bigger: in part for the comfort of the clients and the guides as well as carry more clients to make more money. I have seen 6 people in those big Willey Predator boats and they do have a difficult time getting on step. There was a time when boats were of reasonable size for 3 to 4 people and being pushed with a 35 HP motor.

Part of my concern is for the safety and enjoyment of all users of the Kenai River. It is already like a zoo during the 12 o’clock changeover: what will it be like when many boats are using the higher Horsepower?

Remember that the horsepower was reduced in response to the safety issue many years ago. What if the guides went to smaller boats carrying a maximum of 4 clients? Would that not solve at least some of the problem? A new four stoke motor costs $6,000-$8,000. They could keep their motors and keep the pollutants at the present level of high concern especially during July!

The enjoyment of fishing the Kenai has definitely decreased over the years as the number of guides has increased. A limit on their numbers is of prime concern. I am sure that all the studies that have been done indicate that there are too many guides on the Kenai River! Lets do something now and be pro-active.

Bud Crawford


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