Pet’s death wasn’t just driver’s fault

Posted: Friday, October 20, 2006

I just had to respond to Ms. Steele’s letter that appeared on October 12, 2006 (“No excuse for reckless driving that cost family its pet”). Although I am very sorry for the loss of her pet, she shifts the blame, instead of taking any responsibility for the death of her pet.

I also live in a rural area where there is no “Animal Control.” There is constantly a variety of animals in the road; ducks, geese, and dogs that come right out of the woodwork at your front tire and scare you right down to your toes in fear of hitting them. Yet these pet owners whine the same way when the young kids come screaming down the road, “you maniacs need to slow down, what if it was a child?”

Well they are not children, and my children know to watch for cars, because you can’t count on them seeing you. Ms. Steele didn’t say whether or not her dog was a car chaser, but she states her next dog will be chained, too bad for her “beloved family member” that it had to die for her to learn that lesson.

My children have been chased, bitten, and scared by these type of pet owners’ animals, my garbage ripped apart and strewn everywhere, and when you report them nothing happens. It’s time people become responsible pet owners. Keep your animals on your own property, spay or neuter them so they stop reproducing new nuisances every six month. And please stop whining about the people who drive too fast, because everyone is guilty of speeding at one time or another.

Teri Langston


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