Reader: Bush goes too far in suspending ‘habeus corpus’

Posted: Friday, October 20, 2006

Shock, disbelief, fear, outrage — all these, and more, were my feelings on learning of the latest attack upon traditional American liberties by the Bush administration. Not satisfied with shamefully resurrecting torture, our would-be dictator in chief has now successfully pressured Congress into effectively eliminating the 800 year legal tradition of “habeus corpus” protection, which gives (I should say gave) the accused a right to a trial, to appeal their detention, and to know the charges against them. Now, at the sole discretion of the president, anyone can be declared an “enemy combatant” and held indefinitely, incommunicado and without trial, in the best traditions of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

It sickens and terrifies me to witness the wholesale destruction of our long-held freedoms by this power-mad president, and the servile acquiescence of most of the media, and so many Americans. The framework for dictatorial government is rapidly being built, and our Constitution shredded before our eyes, and I have to wonder: Where is the outrage? Torture, widespread and warrantless surveillance, stifled dissent, indefinite detention and unjustified war — how could we have sunk so low? That is not the America we inherited, and not the one we should pass on to our children. I cannot accept that the only solution to fanaticism abroad is surrendering to a police state at home.

Alan Kurczynski


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