‘Turnagain Hardcore 6’ to premier at sports center

Posted: Friday, October 20, 2006

Lest you forget winter isn’t just about peacefully sitting by the fireplace while tying fish flies, Matt Brown is dropping a reminder that with winter also comes death-defying snowmachine feats on the slopes.

Tonight, Brown’s clothing line, AK-49, is staging the world premier of “Turnagain Hardcore 6,” a High Life Productions movie featuring snowmachiners performing extreme freestyle backcountry maneuvers in Turnagain Pass.

“Guys doing back flips, jumping 250 feet,” Brown said, describing tricks most of us would only dare if we were feeling suicidal. “(And) real big back flips like 150-foot-gap jumps.”

The fact that one of the movie’s riders breaks his back will likely remove all doubt the film’s riders are nothing if not courageous. Despite the danger, riders are lining up in growing numbers to risk their lives on Turnagain’s slopes, and be in the snowmachine film series.

“Oh man, there’s lots this year,” Brown said. “It used to be just a couple of main riders and now everyone’s going crazy. I bet there are a dozen, two dozen riders now.”

This year marks the fifth time AK-49 has staged a world premier for a “Turnagain Hardcore” movie, which is being shown on three big screens at the Soldotna Sports Center.

The “Turnagain Hardcore” premier is a far cry from your typical movie theater experience, Brown said.

He said last year’s premier packed the Soldtona Sports Center and guessed that more than 300 people came.

“Now it’s just getting to be a huge party,” he said.

Should you feel guilty in taking pleasure in seeing other people put their lives in grave danger, Brown has put a philanthropic twist on the event that funnels moviegoers’ money back into the community.

Brown will use money from the event to buy Christmas gifts for underprivileged children.

This year AK-49 is also premiering a second snowmachine film called “SledNecks 9,” which will play at the Soldotna Sports Center on Nov. 4. Both events open at 8:30 p.m., cost $10 and are open to all ages.

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