Regarding Walker and Berkowitz

Posted: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This letter was sent to Bill Walker in response to his announcement today that he has been approached by Ethan Berkowitz to make Walker the point man in finally giving us an All Alaskan Pipeline.

Quote: If this is indeed a genuine offer, and if indeed you will be more than just a token or a way to get Ethan elected, then I will vote for him in order to get you on the project. The pipeline is important, but I don't want to see you sidelined after the election.

Of course, Ethan will have go public with his offer to you. The offer will be clouded with controversy.

You should immediately hold Berkowitz's "feet to the fire" and maximize this for your own political safety. I don't want to read in some future news article that he has "let you go" because of incompatibility.

If Berkowitz is truly sincere, he should name you now as the lead person, having his total endorsement and support. He should publically announce that you are the person who will get this done.

You're either the honcho to get the job done or a pawn to be used. We Alaskans want that pipeline. You're the man who can make it happen. I like the idea, but you need more guarantees than just a promise. Let him say that if he turns away from the All Alaska Pipeline, or fails to support your plan, that he will resign. This pipeline IS the most crucial issue for all Alaskans in the next few years. No more foot dragging...

The only reason I would vote for Berkowitz over Parnell is if he installs you as the chief engineer in getting this pipeline built. I said before that I would write in your name even if you didn't run.

My vote for Berkowitz isn't about him, it's about you. Can you deliver?

No more ignoring the will of the people who want this thing to happen...

Remember, you're either the boss on this project or a pawn.

Norm Olson, Nikiski

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