Cancelled CPR class is disappointing

Posted: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Soldotna Community Schools offered a class on CPR and first aid on Oct. 16. I registered early because I was afraid the class would fill quickly.

My reasons for wanting to learn CPR and the fundamentals of first aid is that in case of an emergency, auto accident, natural disaster and a host of other possibilities, it would be very valuable to know what to do.

Maybe I would be able to save the life of someone I love and be of use in the event of a disaster or accident when anyone who can help may be put to use.

On the Thursday before the class, I received a call that the class had been canceled. I was the only one who had registered until that day, when one other person signed-up.

I am very disappointed that I cannot learn these life-saving skills at this time. I am even more disappointed that there is very little interest community-wide. What if an ambulance or paramedic can't reach your loved one? What if you are in a situation where you have no phone, no transportation to get help? How many who live here assume that things will always be convenient? Anything can happen, and who will be prepared to save your child, your spouse, your best friend?

I hope if this class is offered again, there will be enough interested for the class to be held. It's appalling to me that this class was canceled due to lack of interest.

What does that say about the people in this community? Too much bother to learn to help others, our families? Or does everyone believe they already know all they need to know if the unexpected happens?

The cost of the class was $80. It may seem expensive, but the PFDs were deposited a week before. Really, what's your excuse?

Nancy Whiting, Kenai

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