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Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2010

My great-grandfather served in the Alaska Territorial Legislature. My grandfather served his rural community on a local level and ran for state House. My mother served Alaska on a local, regional and state level. My sister ran for state Senate. I too come from a family who has politically contributed to the greatness of Alaska for five generations. I pled with Sen. Lisa Murkowski to not let me and my family be un-represented in the 2010 General election. Thousands of other Alaskans did, too. By responding to us, Sen. Murkowski proves she listens to her constituents. This does not make her a vain princess; this makes her a fine senator.

Sen. Murkowski has a proven record; her experience is exactly what Alaska needs in Washington, D.C. I know as a constituent that she will protect my second amendment rights, that she will help increase the value of doing business in Alaska with the promotion of our geographic location. She has and will support mining in Alaska with bills like the Alaska Land Acceleration Act. She will fight growing government by supporting the desperately needed tax relief bills. Sen. Murkowski is a stanch supporter of our country's military and veterans. In Alaska she has fought hard for our missile defense facility right here at Fort Greely. I contacted Sen. Murkowski this summer with concerns about a blanket amnesty program for illegal aliens. I was assured by my senior senator that she would not support this type of amnesty at the risk of those who follow the procedures legally. I know my tax dollars will not go towards federally-funded abortions while Sen. Murkowski is in office. She knows our Education Department and the No Child Left Behind Act needs work, especially for our state.

Sen. Murkowski knows what is important to Alaska; she has a proven record that Alaskans can stand behind. I am proud of the job she has done for us and know that she is approachable should I have a concern. She has the record and experience we need. Her opponents don't.

I am not so nave to think that one senator can get us a gas line or open ANWR or fix Obama care, but I am smart enough to know that in a sea of ideals in Washington, D.C., our three representatives better have moxie, experience, humility and confidence to get their voice heard and platforms supported. In this case, seniority doesn't hurt!

Lisa Murkowski best fits my requirements for our U.S. Senate candidate. If who I am even slightly mirrors your ideals, I hope you will consider writing in Lisa Murkowski on your ballot.

Who am I?

I am a registered Republican.

I am a 4th generation Alaskan.

I am a stay at home mom.

I earned my college degree thru the University of Alaska system I am pro mining I am pro resource development. I am anti-abortion. I am pro military and all for providing for our veterans. I am as frugal as they come I am for immigration reform. I am for health care reform. I am comfortable with and can use the guns in my home. I don't want to be taxed more. Most of all, I want to preserve the Alaska I was raised in for my sons and future generations.

Lisa Murkowski knows this and works towards this every day!

Join me in making history - please write in Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate and fill in the oval!

Kim Griffith, Anchorage

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