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Posted: Sunday, October 22, 2000

Advisory panels' concerns should be considered by borough officials

I was very disturbed when I read the article written by McKibben Jackinsky in the Oct. 15 paper about the Advisory Planning Commissions. I was disheartened to hear of Duane Christensen's resignation from the Anchor Point commission. I do understand his frustration and his feeling of wasted time and effort on the commission when the advisory concerns and community land use plans are not being considered in decisions made by the borough officials.

Cooper Landing worked hard on a land use plan for borough lands in and around our community.

In 1992, after all the public meetings with maps and a community survey, 72 voted overwhelmingly to accept the plan.

In 1996, once again our community struggled through the process of public meetings; 121 voted overwhelmingly to accept that plan.

The strong support these plans received was evidence of the effort and hard work that our commissioners and the community did preparing the Cooper Landing Land Use Plans. I believe when 80 percent of the voters support a plan their voices should be heard.

Our advisory planning commission has four members with three vacancies. One member requested to continue serving on the board at the end of his term in September; several others are interested in serving, but we are still waiting for action that will fill the vacancies. We want to continue to have a voice in the actions taken by the borough through our Advisory Planning Commission and hope the vacancies will be filled soon.

I do not know Duane Christenson, but I heard he did a good job representing the concerns of his community. His absence on the commission is Anchor Point's loss. I'm sorry to learn other communities are experiencing our same frustration.

Mayme Ohnemus

Cooper Landing

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