Iraqi dictator masters art of denial, deception

Posted: Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Iraq has made denial and deception a finely tuned art designed to convince the world Saddam Hussein's regime isn't cooking up deadly weapons of mass destruction.

An analyst with the Defense Intelligence Agency called the Iraqi denial and deception program ''a deliberate, methodical, extensive and well-organized national-level, strategic effort, which aims at deceiving not just the United States, not just the United Nations or even the public media, but, in fact, the entire world.''

John Yurechko, a DIA expert on information operations and ''D&D,'' as he refers to denial and deception, said Hussein goes to great lengths in concealing his intentions from the world. ...

Since the end of the Gulf War, he explained, Iraq's denial and deception campaign has had three main goals: blur the truth about Iraqi compliance with the Nuclear Proliferation treaty and U.N. resolutions; keep U.N. Special Commission inspectors from learning the full extent of Iraq's WMD capabilities and prevent UNSCOM from completely disarming Iraq's nuclear, chemical, biological and long-range missile programs in accordance with U.N. resolutions. ...

This is why international inspectors must be given unbridled access to scour Iraq for biological and nuclear weapons.

-- American Press, Lake Charles, La.

Oct. 14

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