Kerry's tax plan will only hurt growth of business sector

Posted: Friday, October 22, 2004

John Kerry says President Bush only cares about the rich so that is why Kerry will roll back the tax cuts on people and business making over $200,000. He says this will help the middle class. Actually it will stop the economic growth President Bush has going.

It will cause strain on small businesses, curtailing their ability to hire more workers. Let's face it, poor people don't hire people. The top 50 percent of wage earners pay 96 percent of taxes in the US; the top 10 percent pay 64 percent of all taxes paid in our country.

The tax cuts we all received, low income, middle class, and upper class are what keep jobs growing! Kerry says he is working for us, the middle class. Is that why he voted 350 times to raise taxes and 127 times against lowering taxes? President Bush fought to get us tax relief because he understands that when we keep more of our money at home, it makes the country stronger. The nonpartisan National Journal named John Kerry the most liberal member of the United States Senate. He earned that title by voting for higher taxes, regulation, and government control over our lives.

President Bush said recently, "My opponent wants to empower government; I want to use government to empower citizens. My opponent seems to think that all the wisdom is found in Washington, D.C.; I trust the wisdom of the American people."

I think we need to trust President Bush. Please support and vote for President Bush on Nov. 2!

Amy Walker, Palmer

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