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Posted: Monday, October 22, 2007

A harvest moon is the full moon nearest the fall equinox. A hunter moon is the full that follows, generally in October. Kasilof has always been hunter country and this year's shiner is yours just before Halloween, no strings attached. Not even a G-string if the clouds cooperate. The moon will reach maximum illumination here on the evening of the 25th. Werewolves will be going ape.

Local bears have a worse track record than wolves. Recently, Blaine Harling of Clam Gulch had a close encounter of the bear kind, at night, right in his house. Thank heavens for daring Larry Lewis of Cohoe. He is an Alaska Department of Fish and Game bear expert and was called to Blaine's place at 2 a.m. to perform "bouncer" duties. Larry found the bear, already unloosed outdoors. In June, a sow brownie and two cubs happened upon Tom Patmore at Blueberry Avenue. The sow threw Tom to the ground, biting his hand and breaking his wrist. Tom's dog, Harvey, ran interference by circling the sow like a mad bee. Angeline Edge of Homer was driving by on the Sterling Highway and witnessed the attack. She stopped and beeped her horn. The bears left and she administered first aid. Hobbling goblins but bears are scary!

The fifth annual Trunk or Treat event at the Tustumena Elementary School parking lot should be safe and fun. Candy-back cars gather there from 6 to 8 p.m. Oct. 31.

The Department of Forestry will light brush piles at the Cohoe slash disposal site Thursday and Friday. The Department of Transportation will have a loader there to heap the pyre. Why bloat the borough landfill? Haul your brush to Cohoe and maybe pick up monster marshmallows over at the Mercantile on your way by.

Kasilof Regional Historical Association (KRHA) was awarded a $1,553 grant Oct. 13 to buy cabin restoration tools. Funds came from the 2002 book, "Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, the Road We've Traveled." That book was Jettie Petersen's idea, though she passed away in 1992. The title honors an early peninsula writer, Lois Allen, and her 1946 book, "Alaska's Kenai Peninsula." After gathering information, the Kenai Peninsula Historical Association (KPHA) spent $29, 210 to publish 3,000 copies of the book. Sales have since covered expenses and accumulated a surplus. Mona Painter of Cooper Landing is on the KPHA book committee. She recommended that KPHA offer a grant with their profits. Ann Letzring of Kasilof has expertise in writing grants and her historical group was the first to respond. Six peninsula historical groups received a grant. Meanwhile, KRHA will hold an Alaskana and gift auction at Tustumena Elementary School at 7 p.m. Nov. 16.

The Borough Assembly will sponsor a public hearing at Tustumena Elementary School at 7 p.m. today to develop community capital project priorities. Last year needs at the cemetery and the McLane Center museum were chosen, accepted by the assembly, approved by the Legislature and vetoed by the governor.

Happy Birthday to Mike Misner on Oct. 27.

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