Friday, October 22, 2010

Business Briefs

Chambers schedule meetings

McAdams for Senate supporter
It appears that there is a clear choice in the race for the U.S. Senate. I'm supporting the positive and articulate Scott McAdams. I have watched him debate and respond at the state and national level to issues affecting our children and families. His opinions are based on factual and research-based information. He is a hardworking and clear advocate for Alaska citizens. His experience at the local, state and national level make him the best choice for Alaska.

Send Southwell to Juneau
Ray Southwell's ardent stand for hospital employees and patient safety was rewarded on Oct. 18 by terminating his employment. Ray "blew the whistle" on workplace bullying, which led to federal charges resulting from corporate mismanagement and has been vocal before the borough assembly, criticizing the abusive management style that negatively impacts on workers and patients alike. The public has learned much from Ray's inside information. To silence him they fired him. End of story. The corporation wins again and we the people are poorer for it.

Thanks for the hard hats
The Career & Technical Department of the Kenai Peninsula School District would like to say thank you to the following people for providing safety equipment (hard hats) to our students who are participating in our construction academy program.

Not quite a tea party fan
I sure hope the tea partiers don't get too discouraged and fade into the sunset after they get trounced in November elections. We will need someone to vote against in the next general election.

Vandalism is not free speech
I noticed driving to work this morning that someone had vandalized at least three of Lisa Murkowski's large signs. These signs cost at least $100 each.

Criticizing Murkowski campaign
Lisa Murkowski's lasting legacy is being formed before our very eyes. It is a sorry legacy of a me-first attitude toward her party and her political tone-deafness toward the August primary voter who has reacted to their concerns with alternating calls of "all-is-well" indifference and accusatory catcalls of carpetbagger extremism.

Southeast supporter for Lisa
Alaskans need to be united against outside interest groups who are trying to buy our U.S. Senate seat. Thousands of dollars from Californians, Nevadans, Pennsylvanians and many other outsiders are being poured into Joe Miller's campaign. Previous involvement from outside groups have prevented us from utilizing our state's natural resources. Once again these outsiders want to involve themselves in Alaska's business by removing our influential Sen. Lisa Murkowski. As a native born Alaskan, she knows all of Alaska well. Every vote she has cast during her tenure has been in Alaska's best interest.

We'll take care of ourselves, thank you
Our country is at a crossroads. Are we going to continue on the road of government expansion or take the road of individual, family, community and state self-reliance and prosperity?

Proud Murkowski supporter
My great-grandfather served in the Alaska Territorial Legislature. My grandfather served his rural community on a local level and ran for state House. My mother served Alaska on a local, regional and state level. My sister ran for state Senate. I too come from a family who has politically contributed to the greatness of Alaska for five generations. I pled with Sen. Lisa Murkowski to not let me and my family be un-represented in the 2010 General election. Thousands of other Alaskans did, too. By responding to us, Sen. Murkowski proves she listens to her constituents. This does not make her a vain princess; this makes her a fine senator.

How many Alaskans are there?
Before I can vote for Ballot Measure 1 I need to know the current state population numbers to know if there is a need for more state senators and state representatives.

Protect what we've gained; don't go backwards
Perhaps it is television, but sadly, it appears an axiom of the modern brand of American politics to demand instant, "60-minute," cures even for our most intractable economic and social ills. Anyone who expected President Obama and Democrats in Congress to rapidly reverse the effects of eight years of bad financial policy, unfunded wars, federal agencies rendered ineffective because of gutted budgets, and a Wall Street run amok are being neither practical nor fair. Such expectations are as unrealistic as believing you can swallow a pill and lose 20 pounds while sleeping.

Photo: I brake for caribou

School nutrition subject of public meetings
Homer parent Karin Sonnen, who has children enrolled in Paul Banks and West Homer elementary schools and Homer Middle School, remembers clearly the moment she realized the importance of food served at school.

Stanley Ford dealership moving to Kenai
Tony Stanley's nearly remodeled car dealership in Kenai gives new meaning to the motto "the customer is always right."

Council welcomes newest members
Two new council members were sworn-in at the Kenai City Council meeting Wednesday night, after results of the Oct. 5 election were officially certified.

No quit: Mother to stay on as pastor after daughter's tragic death
Alice Martin knew her daughter was destined to replace her as pastor from the time her daughter was 12. Camille Morris was ready to step into the role full time in the coming months.

Eleanor May Brown
Soldotna resident, Ms. Eleanor May (Maddox) Brown, 39, died Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010, at her sister's house in Soldotna.

Around the Peninsula

CIRCAC plans 20th anniversary logo competition

Ann Pace McCartney
Ann Pace McCartney, died Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010, at her home in Stover, Mo. She was 88.

Janette Lynn Wright
Nikiski and former Washington resident, Mrs. Janette Lynn Wright, 58, died Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010, at Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna with her husband by her side.

Politics vs. trust
Joe Miller should start talking honestly to Alaskans.

Fishing Reports

Kenai River

Fall fishing plans can change on the fly
October fishing plans are made over morning coffee.

Refuge Notebook: Season's change sends some animals packing
It's the time of year when we are pulling out the warm winter blankets and changing over to studded tires on our vehicles. The chill in the air and leaves on the ground are easy reminders that we should be preparing for winter. Today as I was driving to work, a black figure above a lamp post caught my eye. A common raven, noticeable against the gray sky, took off from the post and flapped into the brisk wind, gaining altitude, and then glided down towards the trees. Then, like an acrobatic pilot during an air show, this talented bird flipped upside down in flight, wings outstretched, until flipping back upright. He did this several more times while I was stopped at the Bridge Access traffic light, and I became an unintended audience to a much practiced aeronautical feat. Have you ever been treated to a raven's in-flight gymnastics? It can be quite a show!

An Outdoor View: Taking fishing seriously
This column first appeared Dec. 28, 1990, in "The Tides," a weekly supplement of the Clarion. It has been edited for brevity.-- LP

Some like it hot: Style of yoga warms body, spirit
On a crisp October evening several people shuffled into the Blazy Mall's Kenai Yoga studio to sweat it out.

Around the Peninsula

Vets Day events coming

Art Briefs

Rock the vote concert next week

What's Happening

Best Bets

Lame Duck squawks on stage
Chris Jenness has been growing his Joe Miller beard for the past three weeks now.

Poet's Corner


'RED' is peppered with with funny moments

Church Briefs

Clothes ministry ongoing

Voices of Religion: Getting -- and being -- the real thing!
One summer trip to Ensenada, Mexico one of my best friends was on a mission to find a picture to over the fireplace. It wasn't a bull fight, beach scene, or sunset. He was looking for a genuine Velvet Elvis. I was sucked into this adventure and we traveled through alley ways and storefronts seeing many pictures available, but no Velvet Elvis. We had to explain we were not looking for a poster or picture of Elvis but the real likeness of Elvis painted on a black piece of velvet cloth. Finally, we found a store that housed many creative scenes on velvet and there next to a stack of sombreros was the desired masterpiece! This was the real deal!

Sports Briefs

Nikiski, Kenai, SoHi win

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