High gas prices take a toll

Posted: Monday, October 23, 2006

Being a little bit angry over the price of a gas in the state of AK is a basic understatement. All over the country prices are much lower than ours, “The question is why?”

Is our local dealers afraid they will loose a few cents by gouging their friends, neighbors and people who have supported them during the high prices.

Or is our politicians so busy trying to get out of the scandals of an investigation that they are neglecting to pay attention to what is going on state wide.

The shame of having another country give “our people” fuel free to keep them from freezing.

During the Democratic terms in office, a barrel of oil at $50, to $55 ranged at the pump between $1.50 to $1.65 a gallon; we can deal with that and be happy.

On our pay check, meager as it is, we have to buy gas, milk, bread, heat our home, pay light bills, and increased medical expenses, thanks to the new reformed “Medicare System” with its bottomless pit which you (donut hole) fall into if you have to use it.

The shame of a 76 year old person having to get a “minimal” wage job in order to eat.

Whats next? What can we expect next to mash our faces in the mud. The nerve of politicians calling us “Fellow American.”

If we are “Fellow Americans” show us the same respect you expect to get. Remember with out us footing the Bill, you wouldn’t be in the drivers seat.

If this letter hurts, it should. We do.

Lee Collins


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