Hospital investigation past due

Posted: Friday, October 23, 2009

It is about time for the Clarion to raise questions concerning CPH. I believe the paper does not have the resources to do an investigation.

An investigation must look at everything. The Clarion supports an independent investigation. They do not have knowledge of what is and has been happening at CPH, but neither does the Chief of Medical Staff.

Like the Hospital Governing Board, the Chief of Medical Staff has only heard from one side concerning the management style. Have they investigated this management style? Has the Chief of Medical Staff investigated what he calls haphazard collection of spiteful unfounded accusations? The answer is no. Was the Chief of Medical Staff present at the Service Area Board meeting on Oct. 12? He was not, the Clarion was. Perhaps, if he heard the emotional stories of many employees experiences at CPH, his thinking would be different.

Has the Chief of Medical Staff researched Workplace Bullying or the Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert (issue 40- July 9, 2008)? The Joint Commission acknowledges Intimidating and disruptive behaviors in health care organizations puts patients at risk. Does the Chief of Medical Staff believe the National Labor Relations Board decisions on unfair labor practices at CPH are unfounded accusations?

An investigation will be costly for the borough and hospital. Senior management of CPH will use what the Chief of Medical Staff calls procedural awkwardness by spending thousands of dollars for multiple attorneys to stop an investigation.

We all are at risk. Let an independent investigation occur. Lets open up the files and hear the stories. It will break your heart.

Ray Southwell, RN

CPH ER Nurse

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