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U.S. government has become one that rules rather than represents

Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2000

This letter is not so much a result of the debates, but because of the liberals I hear calling in to talk radio and articles in the media and favoritism given to Al Gore by the media. The bottom line of this election will be which candidate will promise to give us the biggest handout. Integrity does not matter, lying does not matter, the cost to future generations (and the present taxpayers) does not matter, murdering babies as they are being delivered does not matter, eight years of nothing being done does not matter, eight years of selling overnights in our White House does not matter, eight years of lawbreaking does not matter, eight years of support for a president who would be labeled a sex offender in any other neighborhood does not matter. The only thing that matters is who will give us the most.

I do not want to think about what will happen if Gore wins and we go down the liberal road to the biggest federal government imaginable. I for one am tired of paying for a socialist government. I am through having my rights eroded so that the government can gain more control over my life.

There is something seriously wrong with a country that feels it necessary to arm every agency of the federal government while trying to disarm the people. This is what the Nazis did before trying to conquer the world and before murdering millions.

This is more than a rant; it is a declaration of independence. I have had it. I cringe to see just how far this country has strayed from what it once was. I am through listening to who is going to spend my tax overpayment in what way. It is my money, they took too much, and I want the overpayment returned.

It is a sad, sad day for our country. We are no longer the land of the free. We are no longer the land of the brave. We have become a country enslaved by a federal government that rules rather than represents. We have become a country of people who are willing to give up freedom for a handout. We have become a country of cowards. We are afraid to stand up for our constitutional rights. We are afraid to do what the founders of this once great country did when they were overtaxed by England. We are a country that has given up our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

How did this happen? That does not matter. It has happened and will continue to worsen until like-minded, freedom-loving Americans put a stop to it. I do not expect it to be a popular struggle. Remember, half of all Americans are paying only 3 percent of the taxes and the Democrats and the media have been successful in inciting class hatred by that 50 percent against those of us that are paying taxes that go to pay for the handouts they are receiving. We have a presidential candidate who wants to fight for the working families. We are not working families. We make too much, and spend too many hours a week working to make a go of it in an overtaxed, overregulated arena. Yet, we are not working families, so we are demonized.

I am fed up with the government that is breaking me with taxes, and an energy policy that is putting us out of business, and creating high costs of gasoline at the pump and high home heating costs. Remember, when you pay these high costs, you are making countries that our technology developed rich; these countries hate us and would like to kill us to boot! It strikes me wrong that our government will send troops to these foreign countries to die and yet will not sacrifice the lives of a couple of caribou, fox, geese and bear. I would not trade one son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter for several hundred head of caribou that outnumber the population of Alaska.

There is something wrong with the politicians and celebrities that denounce my right to defend my person and property with a weapon, while hiding behind armed security guards. Are you one of the cowards that will stand by and let the government take away one right after another?

I honestly think that if Gore is elected, our way of life will take the final slide away from our freedoms and rights. In addition, I am afraid he will win. The media and liberals have succeeded in turning this into a nation of sheep. If every Alaskan votes for Bush, we will not be able to change the outcome. Stand by for a formal announcement of your losses to be issued on Nov. 8, 2000. I pray I am wrong.

Steve Robinson


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