Bear baiting definitely not for lazy hunters

Posted: Sunday, October 24, 2004

Those who are attempting to outlaw bear baiting would lead us to believe that this practice is lazy and unethical.

I challenged you to help me set up my bait this spring. You will come up with a new definition of lazy.

Load 100 pounds of dog food into plane. (Dog food is clean and easy to clean up.) Fly out 45 minutes to remote location. Unload plane. Drag boat down to river. Load boat. Motor 1.5 miles down river. (Bait must be at least one mile from any season use cabin.) Unload boat. Carry dog food one-quarter of a mile uphill from river. Motor back to cabin. Store boat. Fly home. Total time: five hours.

This is repeated six to eight times before hunting even begins.

You sit up in a tree stand with hordes of bugs for hours waiting. If you are lucky, you may get a close shot at a bear.

If you want lazy hunting, try hunting with a four-wheeler or spotting game from the air.

Roy Whitford


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