Knowles did poor job the first time around

Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2006

As a fellow Vietnam vet, I applaud Tony Knowles service to our country, but I have problems with Tony Knowles as governor.

If you remember his budget efforts as previous governor, the first thing Knowles proposed when the state budget went into the red is yours and my wallet. Remember income tax! He expanded government and spending increased. The present governor has been no better. We need relief from big government. We need Sarah Palin.

Additionally, remember Knowles killed a fully permitted all-Alaskan gas line project. And, remember Knowles originally supported BP’s takeover of ARCO that would have resulted in more than 90 percent of Alaska’s oil operations being owned by one company.

On another issue, recently the Alaska Supreme Court ruled that the state has to provide health benefits to the partners of gay couples. This issue was settled when Alaskans overwhelmingly voted to change the Constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and woman. Knowles appointed these justices and it appears they could care less what the voters of Alaska want.

And finally, as a veteran, I desire assistance for our fellow disabled veterans. But it needs to be with dignity, recognizing and promoting my worth as a productive (within my capacity) individual to society. Therefore, as a concerned vet, I am voting for Sarah Palin.

Tom Baird


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