Outsource lawsuits instead of jobs

Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What is amazing is that the voters of the United States of America in the last presidential election almost elected a Lawyer as our vice president who made, some say nearly $50 million and what from? “Class action lawsuits against Medical companies.” Now just multiply this one by the number of class action lawyers in this country and it is not too difficult to see why they are taking all the care away from the American elderly and people on Medicaid, but applying it to free medical care for all the illegal aliens that neither the “Democrat Party or the Republican Party” want to do anything about. All of our political parties have done absolutely nothing but give lip service to anything concerning the lower income people in this country

During and after World War II, we mobilized and created the greatest manufacturing country in the world, but again, something caused all these industries to be moved out of our country. Could all the class action law suits. Basically we do not have any major manufacturers in this country any more, our electronics has been moved to China and the Orient for all the assembly and most of the manufacture of parts. We move all kinds of our industries to Mexico and what happens, they all sneak into our country.

The liberal school leaders we have now, think that a student has to have a computer sitting in front of him when he starts to school. When this happens he loses all the years of knowledge that should be given to him before high school. I read in the papers the other day that students like myself who went to country school and then high school in town, had a much larger amount of knowledge that the current graduates of High School. I do not believe history or current events are taught either in high school or college, especially when I watch Jay Leno interview students with their diplomas starting on a teaching profession. I can’t seem to get overwhelmed like President Bush with the overall wonderful condition this country is in.

This is something to think about and I always welcome constructive criticism. Thank you.

Paul D. Morrison


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