Time for change in the District Q

Posted: Friday, October 24, 2008

Over six years ago, Tom Wagoner ran for Senate as a Republican Moderate, and with the support of myself and many Democrats, Republicans, Non-partisan, independent voters he won election to Senate District Q. Within four weeks he changed his party affiliation back to a Republican.

Four years ago Senator Wagoner ran again and was elected again by a coalition of all voters. But what happened? With the new bipartisan coalition formed by the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, Senator Wagoner declined to join the coalition. He then joined a group of four other Republican senators and they were the Republican Minority.

I want a senator who is going to work with all the fellow senators, regardless of party affiliation. As Senator Wagoner's ad says in the Clarion, "WYSIWYG (WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET)."

I have seen it, and, unfortunately, I do not like what I have seen and heard.

We need a new voice for Senate District Q and that person is Dr. Nels Anderson, a person who will work across party lines for the benefit of our District and state. It will not be the same old politics with Doc in office.

Pat Hawkins


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