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Posted: Friday, October 25, 2002

Voters should remember closed primary, private prison issues

Having read the responses to Mr. Johnson's two-page ad about Sen. Jerry Ward, I'd like to remind readers of two important issues related to the senator's voting record: his position on the closed primary and his continued support for private prisons in Alaska.

Sen. Ward along with Rep. Mike Chenault, both from my district, voted to institute the closed primary, which only served to discourage people from voting. They also pushed for the Kenai private prison to be built with borough revenue bonds but failed because about 9,000 voters felt it was not worth the risk. Immediately following our "No" vote to a private prison on the Kenai Peninsula, they voted to approve it in Whittier.

We need representatives that will honor and respect our vote, instead of trying to take it away or ignore it. I have a real problem with this type of attitude. We need representatives who will respect our wishes in the state legislature, our borough assembly and on our city councils.

I will be voting for James Price. I will not be voting for Mr. Ward, and I am leaning strongly toward Tom Wagoner.

I would like to thank the Clarion for this opportunity to again voice my views and concerns. I look forward to reading more about our candidates in your paper and hope they'll address these important issues.

Vicki Duggin


Television stations take public opinion comments seriously

Did you know every call, letter or e-mail that television stations receive commenting on the content they put before the public on their stations represents the opinions of 30?

Therefore, the following information should be helpful to anyone wishing to comment on FOX Television's new line-up this fall, especially "Fastlane":

Viewer Comment Lines: In Anchorage, 1-907-274-0404, ask for Crystal Sifsof; in Los Angeles, 1-310-369-3066, you will have to leave a message.

E-mail address: ask fox@fox.com.

Address specifically for "Fastlane":


411 N. Hollywood Way

Warner Brother's Ranch

Trailer 249 R

Burbank, CA 91505

There's also a great impact when the sponsors of programs are contacted. For your information, following is a list of some of the sponsors of the above program: Home Depot, Honda, GMC, Subway, Nintendo, AT&T, Quality Auto Sales in Anchorage, Mitsubishi, Orbit Gum and Lithia Dodge in Anchorage.

Your calls are logged and weigh in on the ratings. If you care, call or write. Thanks.

Annette Pankoski


Alaska voters should say 'No' to Constitutional Convention

The League of Women Voters of Alaska urges Alaskans to vote "No" on Ballot Measure No. 1: "Shall there be a Constitutional Convention?"

The Constitution of the state of Alaska requires that this question automatically be placed on the general election ballot if there has not been a Constitutional Convention held within a given 10-year period. Alaska's Constitution is a flexible and concise document that has functioned well since it was written. It includes mechanisms to make changes the voters may feel are necessary without a full-scale Constitutional Convention.

The League believes that holding a Constitutional Convention at this time would be dangerous, expensive and unnecessary.

DANGEROUS: If people vote "yes" to call a constitutional convention, the entire Alaska Constitution would be open for change. The convention could be divisive and slanted toward special interests, rather than the good of the general public.

The legislature would set out the ground rules for election of delegates to the convention. People living in the rural areas of the state would likely be under-represented, lessening the chance that their needs and concerns will be considered.

EXPENSIVE: When the voters defeated the constitutional convention ballot measure in 1992, the cost estimate was $50 thousand per day. With our current "budget gap" can we afford the cost? Are there more pressing needs for which our scarce dollars could be used? When we can't even afford basic services in some parts of Alaska, we certainly should not spend scarce funds on a convention with no clear purpose.

UNNECESSARY: Although there are criticisms of government in Alaska, the problems are not with the Constitution, but with how it is implemented. While certain issues prompt intense public interest, calling a Constitutional Convention, which runs the risk of altering the basic framework of government, is not the best way to address these issues.

The League supports the amendment process for any needed changes. The amendment process has worked more than 30 times during the life of the Alaska Constitution, and it can continue to work in the future. In this way, the people have an opportunity to address specific issues rather than risk opening up the entire Constitution for major changes.

Let us not run the risk of unnecessary changes to Alaska's model constitution that no doubt would be proposed if a Constitution Convention were held. Vote "No" on Ballot Measure No. 1 on Nov. 5.

Cheryl Jebe, president

League of Women Voters of Alaska


Ulmer deserves Alaskans' votes

Why should Alaska make the Governor's Mansion a retirement home for Frank Murkowski? Enough said.

James (GO FRAN) Kufhta


Ward shows he cares for all Alaskans; ad is ancient history

As a citizen, voter and subscriber to the Clarion, I feel compelled to write a letter of support for Sen. Jerry Ward.

Sometime ago, during a wave of crimes against cab drivers, I wrote a letter to the editor explaining a way to cut down on such crimes.

I received a letter from Sen. Jerry Ward thanking me for my letter. I was pleased that the senator would take the time from his busy schedule to write to a stranger.

The letter from the senator showed me that he is interested in all the people in Alaska, including Kenai.

I, therefore, resent my paper being cluttered up with two pages of ancient history by Ron Johnson, the Realtor.

I read the other day that Mr. Johnson has tried to get elected to various positions, but failed. In my day and age, it would suggest that Mr. Johnson is a "has been."

I would suggest that Mr. Johnson will continue to get his name in the paper one way or another with his stupid schemes.

I wonder if by some chance he will run fro something else, maybe the border.

Vote for Sen. Jerry Ward.

Russell H. White


Hal Smalley will be fair on all issues; he deserves your vote

Don't ask everyone that runs for office to give us everything we want.

That's just not going to happen. but Hal Smalley will be as honest as anyone in his efforts.

I've known Hal Smalley for many years. His voting record will show that he is not after the principal part of the our permanent fund dividend -- not until we vote for it by a majority of people in District 33.

He will be as honest as anyone.

Hal will give as fair a vote as anybody on all issues. I know. I've been in Alaska for 50 years, and I know a lot of people that have been in office. Hal will play fair, and so give him a chance (I am) and you won't be sorry. Vote Hal Smalley State House District 33.

Roger Meeks


Clarion inconsistent concerning who can say what in paid ads

Several years ago, I bought a truck from a local car dealer. This truck said "new motor" on the sign in the window, and the motor blew up four days after we bought the truck. (The issue was never resolved.)

The Clarion would not let me put a paid advertisement using the business owner's name -- or even the name of the business because that would be rude and/or slanderous.

How can you sell two pages of slander to one guy and then refuse to sell me three inches?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it apparently was in your best interest not to upset Mr. Car Sales, but it's not going to effect your business if you upset Mr. Politician.


Doneva Baker


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