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Posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2005

There I was in Beluga once again working the night from 6 AM till 6 AM and having a whole lot of free time before and after work. Doing anything outdoors in what seems like never ending rain can be very miserable at times but yet it also offers a few good points also. Generally the bugs are not too bad in a heavy rain and it never gets too crowded either on most of our lakes in bad weather. So if you can tough it out you most likely will have those small lakes all to yourself.

I decided to do some Pike fishing on again despite it misting as I loaded my boat motor and gear. I had about three hours to fish before having to leave for work again. I drove to the lake and loaded my gear into my 14 foot Jon boat and started my 4 horse outboard that I just got out of the repair shop. I was told it now idles perfectly......well it didn’t in fact it barely run at all! I had to work the throttle and choke the motor continuously just to make it run at all. I managed to get my boat out to one of my favorite fishing holes where I discovered the fish were not interested in biting at all.

I tried Johnson silver minnows, Rapala’s, surface baits, and they all produced the same thing, nothing! I decided to try shallow water instead of the ten-foot hole I had good luck fishing in earlier this fall. Again I never had any luck in shallow water either, not even one follow-up. I decided to try another spot near the creek area of the lake.

After pulling on the rope of my boat motor about twenty five times it finally started and I headed to my other favorite fishing hole. The motor run so poorly I had to keep choking it or restart it over and over again. I finally got so warm I decided to take off my wool shirt and keep trying to start the motor. I finally got it going but sat facing the motor so I could reach both the choke and the throttle. I was finally able to limp the boat into the second fishing hole.

I noticed that there wasn’t any ducks, or swans or any other birds on the lake that day. I never saw any of the many beavers I had watched on that lake all summer long. It seemed like the lake was almost deserted on that particular day and it was up to me if I was even going to see a fish.

As my boat drifted to a stop I grabbed my fishing pole and made a cast towards the beaver dam. I made several cast that also produced nothing so I switched back to a Johnson silver Minnow and soon saw a swirl and a wake coming up behind my bait. I reeled a little faster and dipped my pole to hopefully give me a little more room to get a good hook set on the fish. The fish hit with a bone jarring impact as his powerful jaws clamped down on my bright silver spoon. I leaned back and set the hook with the both arms as the big fish turned to swim away with his fresh meal, a bright silver 4 inch weedless Johnson Silver Minnow. The fight was on and one of us, either Mr. Pike or myself was going to lose!

Up to this point I had not made any real mistakes on this fishing trip. But I was soon to learn that I had already made one and wasn’t even aware of it yet. I was standing in the very rear corner of my 14 foot Jon Boat right next to the motor and when I set the hook the left rear of my boat went down and I started taking on water! I quickly repositioned my feet to the center of the boat and then stepped over the seat to redistribute the weight more evenly. Apparently all this moving around caused me to get just enough slack in my line for Mr. Pike to spit out the hook! Then to make matters worse he jumped completely out of the water 4 times to give me a clear view of just how big he really was. I know he was over 35 inches long and a very nice fish. But the one mistake I made in standing too close to my motor and the fuel tank almost sank the boat as well as allowing my fish to get away.

The rain continued to fall harder and harder so I headed off the lake and went to my work camp. I learned a very valuable lesson that day and one that I’m sure I will never forget. Hopefully the next time Mr. Pike makes the mistake not John Perkovich. He already made one by letting me know where he goes looking for a meal. I hope that the next time he orders a meal from the creek area it is attached once again to my fishing pole! I’m sure I have more patience then Mr. Pike besides who ever heard of a Pike on a diet?

See you next week!

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