Wounds from llama attack won't heal easily

Posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2005

An open letter to the owner(s) of the dogs who attacked our llamas:

You know who you are. Your little lovable pets came home with blood all over them. Now you know where they were and what they did. Our tenant was more interested in getting the dogs off the llamas than running back in to get her camera so we have no actual proof. But you know they did it and they'll do it again.

Once dogs taste blood it is hard to stop them. If you love your pet, keep them at home where they belong. If you have any integrity at all, come forward and accept responsibility for the loss of Wooly Bear, an outstanding imported stud and father of all our little llamas that school groups and our child guests enjoying viewing.

Our financial loss is great and you should assume that. Our emotional loss is something we will have to bear alone.

Regardless of what you decide to do, just know your dogs out of your yard are no longer safe. They have a price on their heads. We have guns and have used them before and are willing to use them again to protect our livestock, young children and wildlife that roam freely and innocently in the area.

We have lived here since 1975 and have had many tragic losses of animals, mostly by dogs that are bored and wander off and gang up when their owners are off at work. We have also watched dogs attack helpless moose and caribou calves every spring.

Lituya is a wonderful mother. It is heartbreaking to look at her mangled face and mouth and hope she is able to take in enough nourishment to sustain her life and the life of her nursing baby.

When I heard my son Blair had agreed to the article by the Clarion staff, I hoped he would also submit the pictures of his animals' bleeding, torn and mangled bodies and faces. I guess he thought it was just to gruesome for print. But you and others need to know what lovable pets are capable of when their owners don't care enough to keep them at home.

JoAnne Martin, Diamond M Ranch, Kenai

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