Seniors should not be fooled slick mailer from Outside group

Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Probably because I'm a 75-year-old Alaska senior, I received a slick full-color political mailer from a group that calls itself The Seniors Coalition.

The flyer displays pictures of a smiling Lisa Murkowski and some warm and fuzzy images of happy seniors. (None, I suspect, are Alaskans.) The mailing announces that our appointed senator has received the coalition's "Senior Guardian Medal of Honor" for her "steadfast support" for us seniors.

Hold on. Are we being bamboozled? Is this "seniors" group really "the responsible alternative to AARP" as it brags on its Web site?

Not even close. In fact, the so-called coalition is a major front organization for pharmaceutical manufacturers and their Washington-based trade and lobbying groups in particular the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

These are the guys who successfully lobbied to keep you from buying safe, U.S.-manufactured drugs from Canada at hugely more affordable prices. They're the guys who have succeeded in blocking the U.S. government from using its bulk purchasing position to negotiate (as Canada's government does) for lower drug prices.

So, the question is, should Alaska seniors (or any Alaskan) support a candidate who is endorsed and financed by a so-called seniors group heavily in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry?

Not me. I'm voting for Tony Knowles. He's got the guts to stand up to these creeps.

Mike Miller

Former member

Alaska House of Representatives


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