Reader says he has better solution to crime

Posted: Thursday, October 26, 2006

(Regarding) Your series on the problem of theft in the Kenai Peninsula, the problem is east to correct: Shoot the thieves or lock them up. This solution is based on a formula developed over thousands of years.

Allow me to explain.

Theft is a serious crime affecting far more than just the direct victim. The failed solutions you and the police offer are not new. We the people are told to lock and chain everything we own, bar the windows, buy exotic hi-tech monitoring devices, etc., eventually creating a society with ourselves in the cages, Your solutions are no solutions at all, giving only a false sense of security. Given the chance, the thief will steal your camera and motion detector.

The real solution lies with the courts, the prosecutors and the lawmakers. But since our government has failed us, the property owner must arm himself and be prepared to take care of business. Here’s the simple equation of crime and punishment: When the cost of the crime exceeds its reward, the crime rate decreases. Conversely, when the reward of the crime exceeds its cost, crime increases.

Right now, across the peninsula, the thieves figure that the reward of their crime is greater than the price they might pay if caught. If they were sufficiently frightened, the incidents of theft would decrease. You can’t deny it and the equation is irrefutable. Crime is on the increase because punishment has been decreased.

Doubt it? Just take a look at the bleeding heart social engineers, overworked courts, prosecutors who want to clear their cases, and judges who are just too damn lenient. Hard-working police make arrests and find the evidence, but more often than not, some prosecutors cuts a deal to plea bargain the case down to a slap on the wrist or to have case dismissed altogether. The prosecutors are proud that they have cleared their cases while the criminals laugh at us. It’s high time to get tough on thieves. No more dismissals, no more plea bargains, no more shining mommas crying to the judge.

Do what you will, but I’ve already determined that thieves on my property will be shown no mercy! Thieves beware, on my property the cost of crime is mighty high, so just stay away. Frankly, I don’t want to clean up the mess.

Norm Olson


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