Enstar or Enron?

Posted: Monday, October 26, 2009

Enstar, LLC is a (for) profit corporation. How in any sense of good corporate decisions could they believe they are justified in passing on their corporate "errors" to their clients/customers? Enron's stockholders should bear the cost of their mistakes. However, if I was a stockholder I would be looking at an investigation of the entire upper levels of corporation operations to determine just who got bonuses during the time the U.S. Government was (knowingly) being overcharged. To say the customers got the benefit of what Enstar did and should be responsible to repay the ill gotten gains of Enstar is just ludicrous.

Further, Enstar has known for a considerable length of time what they did and only acknowledged it when they got caught. They have been charging their customers for months for this alleged "mistake." And now, like so many other American corporations they wish to be rewarded for their less than legal activities. When are we going to say no to such blatantly wrong and perhaps criminal activities in our corporations? If the Alaska Regulatory Commission approves Enstar's rate request they should be investigated as well.

Finally, I own three corporations. If I ran them the way Enstar is apparently being run I would have been out of business long ago.

John C. Parker


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