Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First aid classes are available
A recent Letter to the Editor spoke of a canceled CPR and first aid class and how disappointed the author was with the lack of interest in the community. Just in case you didn't know, there are other providers of this valuable service, some for even less money. For example, VIP Alaska teaches First Aid & CPR with AED every two weeks for $75. It includes all the books, materials, DVD, and a two year completion card. To register for a class call (907) 260-6599.

Think, then vote
Every time you see one of those misleading ads featuring unflattering pictures of President Obama and/or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and lambasting "ObamaCare" and claiming Democrats are killing jobs, remember this: The forces funding those ads would reverse Wall Street reform, hand the economy back to the corporations shipping your jobs overseas, deny us affordable health care, privatize Social Security, axe Medicare, keep tax breaks for the rich and make the rest of us pay the resulting debt. We can stop them. Vote.

Denali Kid Care deserves governor's support
I find it so interesting that Governor Parnell speaks in favor of helping children in Alaska, but isn't willing to fund them once they are born. The veto of funding for Denali Kid Care is not helping children who are in need of services now.

Farewell to a good public employee
It is my pleasure to acknowledge the valuable service of Wayne Ogle, Kenai Public Works Director, who will be leaving the employ of the city very soon. As both a council member and as a citizen of the city, I have appreciated the hard work and dedication Wayne brought to his job. Thank you Wayne for your service and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Follow the campaign money
Ms. Pate writes that her research found $201,000 of Lisa Murkowski's campaign finances have come from outside the state. By her own calculations that would be about 10 percent of Lisa's war chest. Scot McAdams has raised about half that from outside. However, Joe Miller has raised 90 percent of his campaign finances outside, largely from California.

What's wrong with saying 'No'?
I'd like to respond to Ms. Judith Nester's Oct. 21 letter "Protect what we've gained; don't go backwards." In the letter Ms. Nester uses the same old clichs that the Republicans are the party of no, it's all George Bush's fault, all our problems are due to Republicans, and unless we vote for Democrats we are doomed. I'm not going to presume Ms. Nester ever took a class in U.S. government so let's go over some basics.

Wait for the votes
First, Joe Miller went to a fund raiser in San Diego and introduced himself as "The Senator from Alaska."

Following the money
I am sick of the arguing between Senate candidates Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski. Neither of them mentions that, once elected, they will owe their loyalty to those who are buying them, and not to Alaskans.

Another vote for Lisa
I am a lifetime Alaskan (over 70 years) and I have never seen a campaign as dishonest as the one launched by Joe Miller. His attacks on Lisa Murkowski misrepresented her stand on issues and then he had the audacity to lie about her financial disclosure, claiming that she has investments that actually do not exist. Yet, he has not bothered to file his own disclosure statement which was due six months ago. What is Joe hiding? He presents himself as a fiscal conservative, yet he used the very system that he rails against when he collected farm subsidies for several years. Joe denied taking subsidies but was forced to admit to them when the facts became known. Where is the transparency he promises? How can Alaskans trust Joe when he has lied so much throughout his campaign.

Touch-screen voting machines ready for write-in votes
Alaska's touch-screen electronic voting machines, purchased to assist those with disabilities but available to anyone, are prepared to handle the challenge of a write-in campaign, state elections officials say.

'We have to speak about it': Borough mayor shares experience with domestic violence
They weren't all odd years.

Special use for heavy use? Lower Kasilof River area could receive new designation
Residents will have the opportunity to weigh in on a proposal to establish a special use area surrounding the lower Kasilof River on Wednesday.

Clock is ticking for CIRI's Fire Island
The clock is ticking on the Fire Island wind project. Cook Inlet Region Inc. has to get contracts finalized with regional electric utilities and get the project under construction by December, or $44 million in up-front federal stimulus cash that could help lower the project's financing costs will lapse, CIRI officials say.

Lynn F. Kile Sr.
Funny River resident Lynn F. Kile Sr. died of cancer Monday, Oct. 18, 2010, at Elmendorf Air Force Base Hospital. He was 82.

Mary H. Orloff
Alaska Native Mary H. Orloff died Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010, at Providence Seward Mountain Haven in Seward. She was 72.

Voices of the Peninsula: Weigh local contribution with local benefits
I know it's now local season because I encountered only 4 other boats on my last Kenai River fishing trip, saw no one while on a sunny afternoon hike to Skilak Lake Lookout, and did not have to wait for a table on a Friday night at the local brew pub. During local season those of us that live here year round continue to enjoy the quality of life that the Kenai Peninsula provides long after our visitors have gone. The slower pace of local season also provides us with the time to reflect on the benefits of being local residents while the rapidly shortening days remind us of the costs.

Around the Peninsula

Honor choir performs

Around the Peninsula

Toastmasters meeting change

Pet Photo: Sophie strikes a stunning pose

Photo: Thinking pink

Shooting Stars: SoHi students shine down insight to next generation
At the beginning of the school year Tate Syverson, a Soldotna High School senior, told his father, Todd Syverson, he wanted to give back to a system that "had served him so well."

Mind a-Mazes 2010 results announced

Junior Division:

Around the District

School board to meet

Around Campus: KRC Student Union President serious about Proposition B
When she talks about the upcoming election, Kenai Peninsula College's Kenai River Campus Student Union President, Shauna Thornton, is passionate about the proposition that focuses on developing state-wide educational infrastructure. Her answers below illustrate the degree to which Thornton and her administration support Prop B.

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