Following the money

Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I am sick of the arguing between Senate candidates Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski. Neither of them mentions that, once elected, they will owe their loyalty to those who are buying them, and not to Alaskans.

Most of their major campaign funding has either come from outside sources, or as in Ms. Murkowski's disclosure, from Alaska Native corporations where even the members are screaming in outrage at the corporation making a decision to "buy" a legislator with "corporate" funds which in reality belong to its members and not to the board of directors or whomever made the decision to support this candidate.

I've lived in Alaska all my life. I've voted in every single election since 1964. I've been a Democrat all my life, but I've voted for a good Republican candidate whom I believed had Alaska's best interest at heart. One of these two candidates has proven to be an outright liar time and again, to the point where he cannot "comment" on his own life. The other lost because she didn't think it was important to be in Alaska campaigning during the primary. Neither bodes well for Alaska.

It makes me wonder where Mr. Miller thinks the money will come from (the Permanent Fund, perhaps?) if he stops federal money for Alaskan needs. Oil revenues are dropping, new fields will take years to bring on line and a gas line is still a pipe dream. I worry Mr. Miller looks at the pool of PFD money and drools. Or will he push to reinstitute a state income tax?

Ms. Murkowski has a recent voting record that gives me no hope she will do what is good for Alaska instead of good for getting her re-elected. Her loyalty belongs to whom?? Right, her backers. I'm sick of them both.

So I'm following the money. The Alaska money. Scott McAdams has done 90 percent of his fundraising in Alaska from donations of $200 or less from individual Alaskans. I find his message encouraging and refreshing; He's staying out of the rhetoric, he is on target with Alaska working people, and he recognizes that we cannot have someone in Washington, D.C., who does not vote for Alaska's best interest, or who tries to undermine our economy by cutting funding for things like education, roads and highways, and energy. I am following the Alaskan money. Scott McAdams will owe his loyalty to Alaskans, he will have to answer to us, not to some outside corporation or PAC or lobbyist who has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to convince him to vote contrary to what is good for Alaska. We will own Scott McAdams.

I want to vote those attributes I value most in another human being, honesty, integrity, ethics, and loyalty. Scott McAdams is the right candidate for Alaska and Alaskans.

Marilyn Wheeless, Kenai

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