What's wrong with saying 'No'?

Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'd like to respond to Ms. Judith Nester's Oct. 21 letter "Protect what we've gained; don't go backwards." In the letter Ms. Nester uses the same old clichs that the Republicans are the party of no, it's all George Bush's fault, all our problems are due to Republicans, and unless we vote for Democrats we are doomed. I'm not going to presume Ms. Nester ever took a class in U.S. government so let's go over some basics.

The president has limited powers. He/She can influence Congress to some extent, threaten to veto, but he/she can only sign bills into law. Congress writes the bills. George W. Bush simply signed what was put on his desk, which was mostly written by Democrats. Democrats have been in control of the House of Representatives for all but 14 years since 1945. The House writes the banking and tax laws, and prepares the budget. The reason we are nearly $14 trillion in debt is mostly because Democrats can't seem to say no.

The Democrats have also been in control of the Senate for all but 20 years since 1945. So to ask folks to vote Democrat to repair the damage of the past, is to repair damage that the Democrats for the most part created themselves.

Republicans -- the party of no. Sigh. So what exactly is the problem with voting no on a bill that they are not even given the opportunity to read? President Obama promised the American people that we would have 72 hours to read and be able to comment on every bill congress put forth. Not only has that not happened, but Congress isn't even given more than a few hours to read them. The stimulus, health care, cap and trade bills, etc. were all voted on within hours of being finalized. Am I to believe Ms. Nester would sign a contract without reading or understanding it first?

I'm registered non-partisan, and vote based on my opinion of the candidate, not the party. I think Mr. McAdams is an honorable guy, but I certainly wouldn't vote for him based on any of the reasons Ms. Nester gives in her letter. Least of all that it's only the hard-working "adults" who vote for Democrats. I find that offensive.

Mike Beck, Kenai

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