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Who's paying the tab?

Posted: Friday, October 27, 2000

Voters' attention doesn't come cheap. Radio, television and newspaper ads, yard signs, bumper stickers and travel budgets aren't magically donated to candidates when they decide to run for office, but the bucks have to come from somewhere.

Alaska law dictates how much a candidate can be given.

Alaska Public Offices Commission ensures the public that candidates and public officials comply with the law.

"The soonest (a candidate) can start running and collecting contributions is 18 months prior to an election," said Chris Ellingson, the commission's spokesperson for campaign disclosure law. "They can receive up to $500 from individuals and $1,000 from political action committees."

Political parties can contribute $10,000 for state House candidates and $15,000 for Senate hopefuls.

Candidates are allowed to contribute $5,000 to their own campaigns during the 30 days prior to the election. Prior to that, there is no limit on what they can contribute, Ellingson said.

Gathering the cash is one thing. Reporting it is another. According to Ellingson, reports are submitted to the commission by candidates beginning 30 days prior to an election, followed by reports due seven days prior to and 10 days after the election. An additional year-end report also is provided to the commission.

Contribution information is available at APOC's Web site at


The following information was taken from the 30-, seven- and 10-day reports submitted by the peninsula's legislative candidates for the August primary election. The total dollar value of campaign contributions given excludes donations of less than $100, except those made by the candidate.

The individuals listed contributed $500 or more.

n Mike Szymanski, Democrat, Senate District E, total: $43,638

APEA Employees Political Information Committee, Juneau, Political Action Committee; C. John Eng, Anchorage, owner/president, Cornerstone Construction Company; Carl F. Jr. Brady, Anchorage, owner, Brady and Company; Carol Coyle, Juneau, Fish and Wildlife technician, state of Alaska Fish and Game; Carpenters Local No. 1281 Legislative Fund, Anchorage, PAC; Charles Bundrant, Seattle, executive, Trident Seafoods; Collin Szymanski, Anchorage, owner, Mantech Mechanical; Corrine E. Eilo, Anchorage, operational dir., Denali Commission; Dan Coffey, Anchorage, attorney, Law Offices of Dan Coffey; Dana Tindall, Anchorage, exec., GCI; Donald Giles, Snohomish, president, Icicle Seafoods; Duncan M. Szymanski, Harper Woods, lawyer, Magill and Szymanski; E.E. Rasmuson, Anchorage, retired; Ed Rasmuson, Anchorage, chairman, NBA/Wells Fargo; George W. Hughes, Anchorage, exec., GCI; Gordon Jensen, Petersburg, chairman of the board, Icicle Petersburg Fisheries; Greg Oczkus, Anchorage, attorney, Greg Oczkus Law Office; Henry Penney, Anchorage, exec., Penco Properties; IBEW PAC, Anchorage, PAC; ICE BLOC, Anchorage, PAC; James H. Chase, Ford Richardson, deputy commissioner, SOADMVA; Jean M. Szymanski, Harper Woods, supervisor, health care provider, WPS Co.; Jim Jansen, Anchorage, president, CEO, Lynden Freight Lines; John F. Hendrickson, Anchorage, self-employed; John M. Bundy, Seattle, president, Glacier Fish Company; Kevin K. Bruce, Anchorage, owner, Northwest Strategies; Kevin O'Leary, Kodiak, fisher; Kurt A. Eilo, Anchorage, environmental specialist, EPA; Laborers International Union of NA, Anchorage; Larry Carr, Anchorage, retired, Carr-Gottstein Properties; Laurence G. Shelver, Anchorage, president, Yukon Fuel; Lynn Kenney, Anchorage, project asst., state of Alaska; Mike Szymanski, Anchorage, mgmt., Fishing Co. of Alaska; Paul Macgregor, Seattle, attorney, Mundt Macgregor L.L.P.; Pauline Halkett, Anchorage, housewife; Pol. League Cand. Fund Public Employees Local No. 71, Anchorage, PAC; Potlach PAC, Anchorage, PAC; Ranea Adkins, Big Lake, housewife; Richard P. Dowling, Anchorage, exec. GCI; Robert Cacy, Anchorage, railroad worker, Alaska Railroad; Robert Gottstein, Anchorage, attorney; Ronald Duncan, Anchorage, exec., GCI; Sheelah Shelton, Anchorage, retired; Sno PAC, Anchorage, PAC; Teamster-Alive Voluntary Acct., Anchorage, PAC; Terry Parks, Anchorage, president, PVC Inc.; Tim A. McGhan, Big Lake, construction, McGhan Construction; Vicki Jansen, Anchorage, housewife; William Behnke, Anchorage, exec., GCI.

n William D. Bartee, Green Senate District E

According to APOC, Bartee submitted an exemption form stating he would not raise more than $2,500.

n Jerry Ward, Republican, Senate District E, total: $25,376.41

Bill Allen, Anchorage, VECO; Jeannette Allen, Anchorage, homemaker; Mark Allen, Anchorage, VECO; David Anderson, Anchorage, VECO; Audrey Ayers, Anchorage, Einet Limited; John Ayers, Anchorage, ACS; Arthur Bloom, Anchorage, NORCON Inc.; Wesley Carson, Anchorage, ACS; Roger Chan, Anchorage, VECO; John Conway, Anchorage, VECO; Thomas Corkran, Anchorage, VECO; Christina Fuchs, Juneau, housewife; Nathan Hickman, Anchorage, property development; Debbie Higgins, Anchorage; Mark Higgins, Anchorage, Higgins Corp.; Randy Hobbs, Palmer, property development; Michael Holmstrom, Anchorage, ACS; Landon Kerrigan, Anchorage, VECO; Kenneth Laing, Anchorage, ACS; Marc Marlow, Anchorage, property development; David Marquez, Anchorage, Phillips Alaska; David Matthews, Homer, H.C. Price Co.; Ralph McKee, Anchorage, VECO; Val Molyneux, Anchorage, VECO; Frank Ramsey, Wasilla, retired; Lynn Reinwand, Juneau, Reinwand and Associates; Michael Richeson, Anchorage, VECO; Charles Robinson, Anchorage, ACS; James Slack, Anchorage, VECO; Richard Smith, Anchorage, VECO; Mel Tipton, Seattle, Tipton Development; Donn Wonnell, Anchorage, ACS.

n Amy Bollenbach, Democrat, House District 7, total: $19,058.33

Amy Bollenbach, Homer; David L. Matthews, Homer, vice president and general manager, H.C. Price Co.; Diana Conway, Halibut Cove, retired; Edgar (Ed) Bailey, Homer, retired.

n Drew Scalzi, Republican, House District 7, total: $15,214

Clem V. Tillion, Halibut Cove, consultant; Diana R. Tillion, Halibut Cove, artist; Donald M. Giles Jr., Snohomish, CEO, Icicle Seafoods; Douglas F. Blossum, Clam Gulch, fisher; Nazary I. Basargin, Homer, fisher; R. Brian Bennett, Homer, office manager, Icicle Seafoods; Andrew Scalzi, Homer.

n Pete Sprague, Democrat, House District 8, total: $6,157.04

Dan Murphy, Soldotna, manager, Soldotna Petro Express; Dan Pitts, Soldotna, dentist; Pete Sprague, Soldotna.

n Ken Lancaster, Republican, House District 8, total: $17.029.37

Alaska Trading and Loan Company, Soldotna, retail store; Albert Schafer Company, Seward, self-employed; Allan J. Norville, Soldotna, self-employed; Committee for the Advancement of Rural Electric, Anchorage, group; D.D.S. Dan O. Pitts, Soldotna, dentist; Hugh Chumley, Sterling, manager, Raven Contractors Inc.; Schilling Alaska, Kenai, hotel; Jack H. Rhyner, Anchorage, self-employed; Jeannie Penney, Anchorage, administrative assistant, Penco AK; Ken Lancaster, Soldotna; Linda Chumley, Sterling, homemaker; Mavis Blazy, Soldotna, apartment owner; Raymond Gillespie, Seward, self-employed; Robert C. Penney, Anchorage, investor-developer; Tom Blazy, Soldotna, self-employed; Wendy Mulder, Anchorage, self-employed.

n Harold "Hal" Smalley, Democrat, House District 9, Smalley's 10-report was not yet available on the APOC database, total: $8,600

Bill J. Allen, Anchorage, CEO, VECO; Carpenter's Local, Anchorage, PAC; John Ellsworth, Anchorage, president, AK Interstate Construction; Local No. 52 PAC/ASEA/AFSCME, Anchorage, PAC; Jerry Pfaff, Kenai, landlord; Potlach PAC, Anchorage PAC; Schilling Alaska Inc., Kenai, businessman; Rick Smith, Anchorage, general manager, VECO; Teamster, Anchorage PAC.

n James R. Price, Republican Moderate, House District 9

According to APOC, Price submitted an exemption form stating he would not raise more than $2,500.

n Charles M. "Mike" Chenault, Republican, House District 9, total: $8,014.79

Charles Chenault, Nikiski; Gene Granath, Kenai, retired.

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