Palin has proven budget prowess

Posted: Friday, October 27, 2006

Sarah Palin is my choice for Governor. She has the energy, intelligence and momentum to make political history in our state and she is connecting with people all over Alaska in a way that has never been seen here before. In every campaign she has run, she has done more with less money than any other major candidate. This is an excellent indication about how she can manage money, budgets, and people and get the most for our money.

Alaska is at a critical time. Our economic future is tied to getting a as line. The gas line is to Alaska’s future what the oil pipeline was to Alaska’s future in the ‘70s. Without the gasline, we have a dim future. Sarah will get a gas line that is the right one for Alaska. She will appoint the best people to get the job done right and in time not to lose the “window of opportunity” that we have all heard about.

Sarah has also developed a solid fishing platform supported by Alaska fishermen. Being in the fishing industry, I appreciate the effort and thought that has gone into this.

I am in the same generation as Tony Knowles. It is time to pass the baton to the next generation. I trust Sarah to lead all Alaskans to a better and brighter future.

John Winther


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