Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Industry Appreciation bike drawing appreciated
Thank you for the bike I won at Industry Appreciation Day. It is really awesome. I ride it all the time.

Enstar or Enron?
Enstar, LLC is a (for) profit corporation. How in any sense of good corporate decisions could they believe they are justified in passing on their corporate "errors" to their clients/customers? Enron's stockholders should bear the cost of their mistakes. However, if I was a stockholder I would be looking at an investigation of the entire upper levels of corporation operations to determine just who got bonuses during the time the U.S. Government was (knowingly) being overcharged. To say the customers got the benefit of what Enstar did and should be responsible to repay the ill gotten gains of Enstar is just ludicrous.

Nikiski football coaching staff earns praise
I would like to say a few things about the awesome Nikiski football coaching staff. If you are a star player or a player that has never played foot ball before, every one has a chance to prove himself on the field.

Cordova takes King of Mountain
The Cordova wrestling team won the King of the Mountain tournament on Saturday in Seward.

Students get 'crabby' on science field trip to Homer
"I don't want anyone to get pinched today," Carmen Field, an education specialist with the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, told a class of Kaleidoscope fourth-graders gathered at the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitors Center in Homer.

Students construct simple machines, develop teamwork
Bumping heads and sharing ideas might seem like a good thing when it comes to problem solving, but Mikaela Salzetti, Alyssa Nacca, David Beck and Caleb Rohm, all sixth-graders at Kenai Middle School, can vouch that sometimes that just makes for more headaches

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