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Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I would like to share a few reasons that I, as president of the Kenai River Campus Student Union, and the Student Union support Prop. B , that will be on the ballot Nov. 2.

The Kenai River Campus will gain student housing and a Career and Technical Center, it will create hundreds of short term and long term jobs. We support the proposition for more than what KPC and the University of Alaska stands to gain -- we believe it is critical for the future of Alaska that our educational infrastructure be able to carry us into the future.

The questions that are on each of our minds: "Will this raise my taxes?" No, it will not. This is one message we want to be very clear. This $397-million bond will pay for education construction projects around the state. The state borrows the funds, (interest rates are the lowest they have ever been), and then issues the bonds and then they are paid back from the state's general fund. Property taxes will not rise.

"How will the Kenai River Campus change?" For the better! A new Career and Technical Center will move the technical programs like process tech, electronics and instrumentation to the new building, freeing up much needed space for other programs to be expanded or new programs to be developed. By bringing many more students to KPC, the entire college and community will benefit.

Kenai River Campus Student Union is promoting an awareness campaign by plastering the campus with flyers promoting our ROCK PROP B concert from 6-9 p.m., Friday, Oct. 29. We are inviting the public to this free, family-friendly concert featuring the local band 907.

Our intent is to educate the audience about the importance of Prop. B and get them to vote. We also have attended a joint session of the Kenai and Soldotna Chambers of Commerce while wearing frog suits to indicate we want to HOP ON Prop. B and get it passed. We will do what it takes to get the public to take notice that this is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity for Alaska. We will be hopping to events around the community and on Nov. 2 on the corners of Sterling Highway at the "Y" in Soldotna, and in Kenai at the "406" corner to remind voters to "Hop on Prop. B."

Honk to show your support when you wonder, "WHO LET THE FROGS OUT!"

Shauna Thornton; Kenai River Campus Student Union President 2010-11

It's just wrong. Secret campaign cash should have no place in our American democracy. But now we are seeing huge sums of money from secret sources going into campaign advertising, much of it the negative advertising that poisons the airways.

Special interests are spending millions and millions of dollars in this election and it threatens to drown out the voices of individual voters. And because of changes in the law, there are no disclosure requirements -- even foreign government corporations could be funding these ads.

The League of Women Voters has been calling attention to secret money being spent on political advertising for months, but the U.S. Senate has refused to act to require disclosure, even after the House of Representatives passed a strong disclosure bill.

Now we are seeing the largest campaign expenditures in history, even as organizations accept tens of thousands of dollars from both American and foreign corporations. Essentially, these organizations are functioning as Political Action Committees but without having to follow the laws requiring disclosure of their donors. It should come as no surprise that they lobbied against the DISCLOSE Act in Congress, which would have stopped manipulation of elections by fly-by-night anonymous hit groups, and prevented the infusion of undercover expenditures.

These activities are detrimental to our democracy. Voters deserve to know who is paying for election advertising. The League of Women Voters calls on all candidates to disavow secret advertising and asks our local media outlets not to accept ads unless the names of the true donors are made public.

Marilyn Russell; President, League of Women Voters of Alaska

This Ole LineBacker would like to say congratulations to the SoHi stars; 2010 Small School State Football champions!

You have earned this and this is yours forever. No one can ever take this away from you. Years from now, you will be able to share these moments with your children and tell them: "We were the champions -- We rock!"

Steve "Airborne" Wright, Soldotna

I would like to thank the person who found my gold cross necklace in the hospital parking lot. The necklace is very special to me and I thank God you found it and turned it in to security. You made my day on Friday when I was able to reclaim it.

God Bless You.

Susie Stafford, Kenai

C'mon, Editor...

You know perfectly well that Joe Miller's complaint has nothing to do with the Supreme Court decision on corporate contributions. (Clarion editorial of Oct. 24, "Corporations are speaking -- loudly.") Talk about skewing the real story! The complaint is about the Alaska Native corporations having no-bid federal contracts, and receiving millions of dollars from these no-bid contracts and using these funds to contribute to her campaign, when Lisa Murkowski voted to give them these contracts! There's the conflict, and you know it.

These contracts are awarded to "disadvantaged" people. The Democrats in Congress have been complaining about the Alaska Native corporations charging more than needed for projects and receiving these contracts. (Recent article in the Washington Examiner.) If you remember, these "disadvantaged" Cook Inlet Region board members paid themselves a $1 million dollar bonus and the board president a $3 million dollar bonus in one year.

You really skewed this one to push your agenda.

Karen McGahan, Kenai

Question #1. Has the State Of Alaska taken care of getting the ballots out to the military members on time for them to cast a vote? I believe that a majority of them have an opinion on the way the government is handling this thing called War. There is one thing I know for sure; they all went to boot camp and learned which was their left and right foot, something I don't believe the president of this country understands.

Early voting only opens up opportunities for the criminals. Absentee ballots are OK for people away from home. It used to show pride in our country to get out on election day, meet your neighbors, visit and participate in an honest election. My memory is failing, but it seems that every election has more illegal activities and money to try and buy a politicians favors. It burns me that the Native organizations have hundreds of thousands of dollars to give to a candidate, but don't seem to have any empathy for the hundreds of their own people who sleep in tents, have no place to shower, bathrooms, or food when they could build places for their own -- not Taj Mahal-type structures, but simple places like they grew up in so they could get out of the elements.

I like to go to the polls on election day for the chance of seeing a friend paying their duty as a citizen of what was once the greatest nation on this earth.

Paul Morrison, Kenai

Thursday night (Oct. 21) a football game was played in Park City, Utah, for the region championship in 3-A football. Not only that, all year the teams have been playing for breast cancer awareness.

I am a 1970 graduate of Park City High School; and my wife, Dora Mair Nelson, a 1972 graduate of Wasatch High School in the Heber Valley of Utah. Well, anyway, the game was dedicated to my wife. She died from breast cancer on March 4, 2009. Park City beat Wasatch, 28-21.

I would like to thank the Park City Activities director for that, and thank KSRM for putting that on their sports show.

Please give to breast cancer awarness! Thank you KRSM and Park City, Utah.

Bobby Nelson, Kenai

There are two Joe Millers in the U.S. Senate race. The first is of flesh, a decent, honorable, imperfect man who dared to challenge the power of the ruling class to try to return our country to the principles that made it great. He won the Republican primary and will be your senator if he wins in November.

The other is of straw, constructed by the Murkowski machine and the media. He is a radical extremist who wants to destroy our economy. If you have government benefits of any kind he will take them away, and he plans to kick his parents off Social Security. This Joe, Lisa can beat.

This election was supposed to be between the real Joe and McAdams, not a straw Joe and Lisa.

Of course Alaskans are smart enough to spell "Murkowski." I think we are smart enough not to.

Ben Firth, Anchor Point

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