No on Miller; Yes on Murkowski

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010

Like many of you out there, we agree with much of the grassroot tea party issues. But we do take exception to the candidate the Tea Party Express has shackled us with. Mr. Miller is making a mockery of our state and its election process. He has thumbed his nose at our integrity, values and common sense. He brags about his West Point selection, his Yale education, and short time in the military and, oh yes, and his Bronze Star. (There were 30,000 of them given out after desert storm).

First, lets discuss his education. With all that impressive background, why did he need to avail himself and his family to all the subsidies for land in Kansas that he bought for (hunting purposes), Medicaid, Denali kid care, reduced hunting licenses etc. He also got a low cost loan on 1,000 acres of Delta Junction land -- more hunting reserve land? He also bought a house at this same time for $182,000, than a few weeks later got an extended line of credit on same house for $344,000 through Fannie-Mae/Freddie-Mac. Hmmm? I smell bail-out. His own financial reports (that he turned in at the last moment) tell us he is "creative." He has a small suite (704 sq. ft) that he paid less than $25,000 for, and is renting it back to himself for 3-4 times that amount and deducting that on his income tax.

He first told us he would be happy to turn over his personnel file from Fairbanks, but it was the borough that was holding it. Come to find out, he was the one fighting its release. He has constantly complained about the first people and their corporations getting preferential treatment, but now is gripping about not being invited to speak at their convention. As one chief so aptly put it, "When someone is shooting arrows at your house, you don't invite them to dinner."

He has lied and twisted so many issues; you have no idea who the real Joe Miller is. At this point, we probably don't want to know and six years of this is totally frightening. If he uses the same tactics in Washington, we are in for a very bumpy trip. The blogs are full of people from outside watching the current election in Alaska, and begging us not to send Mr. Miller to Washington because he could adversely affect everyone.

In his 16 years in Alaska he has held many jobs and government posts, all on the taxpayer's dime, and we have seen no one from those departments or posts give him a rosy recommendation. Obviously, he doesn't play well with others.

Scott McAdams, on the other hand, seems to be a good guy, and if he were to spend a few years in the state legislature learning the ropes on how our state and the political system works, we would gladly help him un-seat Senator Mark Begich. But for now, we need to concentrate on what is truly best for our great state, and that is putting Sen. Lisa Murkowski back into her rightful place in our Senate. We need her seniority, common sense and genuine love of our state and our people.

Please join us in writing in Senator Lisa Murkowski for U.S. Senate.

Jim and Pat Livesay, Kenai

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