Prop B supporter

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010

As a member of the KRC Student Union, I formally support Proposition B, but I also support it personally. Proposition B means many things for many different people -- but here is what it means to me: Enhanced educational opportunities for my daughter as she matures, a sundry of educated people to live among and work with and a brighter future for the Kenai Peninsula as a whole.

In a broader sense this affects all the people who live in Alaska, those who attend college within the UAA system and those who have children or grandchildren who will. Proposition B would allow the construction of dorms and a Career and Technology Center for Kenai Peninsula College (among other improvements throughout the UAA system), which I feel would open up many new doors for college students on the Kenai Peninsula and in rural Alaska.

Proposition B would create various wonderful opportunities such as new employment, an immersing and independent college experience, decreased waiting lists for in demand programs, and a population of youth that is educated in the community in which they will serve. In addition, rural Alaskans will be given the chance to receive a quality education without having to go through the culture shock of moving from a small village to a large city campus.

Proposition B also has the potential to eventually raise employment rates, stimulate the economy, and assist in creating a diverse and educated workforce in Alaska. I view Proposition B as an investment, an investment that won't raise property taxes. I hope that everyone considers the people in their lives and community when deciding how to vote on Nov. 2. Also, please get out and vote; your opinion is important, and it does make a difference!

Debra Miller, KRCSU Productions Officer

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