Bring change -- change judges

Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2010

The people of the Kenai Peninsula want a change in judges. We, the majority, vote them out and they remain. Because the 3rd Judicial District includes the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage, Matsu Valley, Kodiak, Cordova and Aleutian Islands, the district is too big.

Voters are voting on judges they no nothing about. The voter pamphlet reflects the will of the Judicial Council (lawyers), not the will of the people. If you are like me, you don't like to be told what/how to think, never mind how to vote. That is the purpose of this pamphlet. The senators, governor and representatives don't make most of the decisions -- judges do.

Want change? Vote the incumbents out. Vote no to retain judges. If you vote yes and don't know about that judge, you cancel a vote by a person in that court's jurisdiction. Vote no as your default. Vote no if you feel the judge is bad. Vote yes only if you know the judge meets your approval.

Donnalee Blackburn, Kenai

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