Friday, October 29, 2004

Will curse gods smile on Chicago?
CHICAGO Chicago fans believe that if one curse can be broken, so can another.

Lowe riding high for World Series champs
ST. LOUIS Derek Lowe came through where Dave Ferriss failed. And Jim Lonborg. And Roger Clemens and Bruce Hurst, too.

Bonds' 700th homer ball draws $800,000 bid
SAN FRANCISCO Barry Bonds' 700th home run ball brought a top bid of $804,129 Wednesday after a 10-day online auction.

Free agents line up as offseason begins
NEW YORK Carlos Beltran got off to a fast start in the free-agent market, too.

Red Sox sweep Cardinals for first crown since 1918
ST. LOUIS The Boston Red Sox yes, the Boston Red Sox! are World Series champions at long, long last. No more curse and no doubt about it.

What's next for Red Sox?
BOSTON The line at the souvenir store curved around the corner, about the length of a Mark Bellhorn homer into Pesky's Pole.

World is different for Red Sox fans
One of the most extraordinary championship runs in sports history made believers out of even hardened pessimists.

Business Briefs
Area chambers set schedulesTourism council to hold raffleCellular One launches award, updated Web sitePhoto preservation workshop slatedTechnology grant writing workshop planned

Five years later, Class of 1999 still recovering from dashed dreams
The day she graduated from Northeastern University, Liz Erk thought she had it made.

New life for old buildings
PITTSBURGH Twenty-five hundred tons of concrete, 350 tons of steel and nine tons of aluminum window frames will be left after a seven-story downtown building is taken down.

Crude oil prices plunge nearly 5 percent
Oil futures prices sank nearly 5 percent Wednesday, dropping below $53 a barrel, as concerns about tight winter-fuel supplies eased, at least temporarily, and traders turned their attention to rising U.S. inventories of crude

Marsh & McLennan's directors in hot seat
NEW YORK (AP) No doubt the nail biting has started among members of the Marsh & McLennan Cos. board of the directors. With the company plagued by yet another scandal, their oversight will certainly be called into question.

Study: Interns need to get more shut-eye
From prescribing overdoses to sticking a tube in the wrong vein, doctors-in-training made one-third more serious mistakes during typically long shifts than they did during ''short'' 16-hour ones, a Harvard study found.

Leaving a job? Be sure to preserve your retirement money
NEW YORK (AP) One of the biggest mistakes young workers can make is to cash out their retirement account when they leave a job.

Candidates discuss resources, finance

Election could be in hands of obscure officials
COLUMBUS, Ohio He's the enforcer of an archaic rule requiring voter registration forms to be printed on 80-pound paper. He's been accused of trying to suppress the black vote by rejecting ballots cast in the wrong precinct.

War to ANWR Senate candidates differ in views
Entering their final weekend before Tuesday's general election, Sen. Lisa Murkowski and former Gov. Tony Knowles are locked in a dead-heat race for a U.S. Senate seat that could well decide which party controls that body next year.

Tough opposition marks District R race
Among the most contentious and vocal races for the Alaska Senate may be the one for the seat from Senate District R, a district that includes Homer, Seward and Kodiak Island.

What's Happening
Best BetsEvents and ExhibitsEntertainmentUpcoming EventsFilmsDown the RoadAnchorage Events

Story collections show developing talent
Many readers overlook short fiction to their loss. Contemporary short story markets are so competitive that writers have to get darn good to see their names in print.

Haunting thriller is spirited murder mystery
Anyone thinking about going to the Kenai Performers' production of "The Uninvited" this weekend and next shouldn't let the title scare them away. Though there will be an unwelcome presence at the play, it won't be the audience.

Art Briefs
Mascot naming contest ends FridayArtwork wanted for state facilityOpen art show slatedHome-school art classes offeredPoetry contest being heldArt proposals wanted for Kenai River CenterContest for young writers announced

Reviews are in: Film critics get mixed notice from fans
LOS ANGELES Let's review movie reviews. Millions read them. Actors covet nice ones. Studios scour them for positive nuggets to cram into advertising blurbs.

Merchant an honest candidate for Senate
The Senate primary was nasty between the leading Republican candidates. To me, a good candidate is a person who doesn't spend lots of campaign dollars to spread false promises and smear the opposing candidate's name. That's not what I think our hard-earned dollars are for. Candidates are supposed to make our lives precious and valuable so our kids grow up better and don't leave Alaska. It's really all about their future.

Sykes an Alaskan choice for Senate
I just watched the news that stated that Jim Sykes does not have the required five percent support to take part in the debates. Just yesterday I was poled. I was asked, "who will you vote for, Murkowski or Knowles?"

Knowles no friend of commercial fishers
Mom started setnetting when I was six. The Inlet had something of an undertow and I got my feet wet with the nets. When I was 19, I married a girl who was in the industry with both feet. We formed a partnership with an old-timer and now, 30 years later, find ourselves into setnetting over our heads.

Alaskans want bear baiting ban
Blatant untruths are standard ammunition for those who oppose Ballot Measure 3, which would ban bear baiting in Alaska. Typical falsehoods are contained in a letter published in the state voters pamphlet.

Women should vote for John Kerry
The incumbent president has attacked women's rights through policy and appointments since he was inaugurated. It's clear John Kerry is the candidate who will support equal rights policies for women.

Watch out for 'the majority'
When going to the polls, we often make the mistake of voting for people with the cutest ads or most air time. Is this really the best way to make important decisions that will affect Alaskans for many years to come? Maybe we should stop listening to campaign rhetoric and look at voting records. If we find the incumbent does not represent our views then do not re-elect them! Lets try the challengers and see what they can do. Then, in a few years we can look closely at them and make the same decision all over again. This is how we elect good representatives, not by voting for some party or another.

Knowles won't get heard in Senate
Tony, an independent voice?

Quick tips for first-time voters
Q. Where do I go to vote?

Knowles will work to lower drug costs
When Tony Knowles was governor, he worked industriously to find ways to lower costs and he was quite successful. Now that he's running for Senate, I'm ecstatic that he'll be able to fight for us at a much higher level.

Bear baiting unethical, sends wrong message about hunting
If an in-state or Outside hunter harvests a black bear in Alaska, people are going to wonder.

Murkowski, Stevens, Young a great team
I wholeheartedly support our U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski. I admire the commitment, integrity and dedication that she has thus far demonstrated for us Alaskans.

Anti-hunting groups use initiative process to curb rights
I realize most rural residents don't participate in the practice of bear bating, nor do many areas of Alaska even have black bears nearby. However, this ballot issue really isn't about bear bating. This issue is really about a systematic endeavor by a large group of nonhunters to pick away at one type of hunting after another until they have successfully eliminated our hunting heritage and rights.

Bear baiting ban opposed by Outsiders
A 2002 Dittman poll showed approximately two-thirds of Alaskan voters opposed the unsportsmanlike hunting practice of baiting black bears. Subsequently, a voter initiative petition garnered more than 30,000 signatures, which resulted in Ballot Measure 3 (BM 3) in this November's election.

Southeast Alaska needs Murkowski
Lisa's opponent had eight years as governor to help Southeast recover from the timber shutdown and depressed salmon prices caused by imported farmed salmon. He did nothing to help except build a seafood plant in Anchorage that has already cost the state $50 million and is now being sold at a huge loss.

Neither party working for all Alaskans
While the leading U.S. Senate candidates exchange barbs over ANWR, neither has offered a means of finding the votes to open it.

Proposition 1 hurts initiative process
The Clarion has run two editorials touting a yes on Proposition 1 the change to the initiative process. Fairness has been the argument used. This argument will not pass muster.

Marijuana laws don't work
As a drug abuse researcher and a mom, I support Ballot Measure 2 to protect families from the destructive consequences of current marijuana laws, to create better ways of keeping marijuana out of the hands of kids, to make marijuana available for medicinal use and because of a moral obligation to protect our right to privacy.

Merchant will do good job in State Senate
I've known Bob Merchant for years. Well, ever since I was born. He is my father and this election year I'm asking for your support in sending him to Juneau as your next senator. Many people do not know who he is or what he has done. Today I'm going to tell you.

Knowles will work for Alaska's workers
I was pleased to see the AFL-CIO endorse Tony Knowles in the race for U.S. Senate. Although I am not a member of the AFL-CIO myself, I do support their goals and principles. In particular, I support the AFL-CIO's efforts to increase safety in the workplace and fight to guarantee health care for its members.

Forget nepotism, Lisa is the best candidate
Initially, when Lisa Mur-kowski was appointed by her father, it bothered me. But I got over it. Why? For one, she was highly qualified, as were some other candidates. She was not someone that was new to the political arena. Secondly, I got over nepotism very quickly when the negative attack ads began circulating from the Tony Knowles campaign based upon half-truths and lies directed against Lisa Murkowski and her accomplishments. I think most voters can recognize campaign rhetoric when they see it.

Murkowski will keep young people in state
I have known Senator Lisa Murkowski since the mid 1980's when we began our volunteer work in drug prevention in the State. Lisa has always been an advocate for the youth of Alaska. I know her to be sincere, articulate and brilliant. Senator Murkowski has the ability to study each issue and become an advocate for what is right and fair.

Higgins challenging Young in U.S. House
With the Official State Election Pamphlet now in the hands of the voters, many Alaskans are wondering why there is no Democratic candidate running against Don Young.

Either candidate will do a good job for Alaska
Anchorage has gained wide recognition and national awards for the city's sanitary landfill and the Municipality's Eklutna water system. These critical public utility facilities were conceived and developed by Tony Knowles during his terms as the city's mayor. Though he first got lots of heat for it, Mayor Knowles banned smoking in a public health building on 9th and "L." The ban spread to other municipal buildings and then to cities in the Lower 48, but, the "no smoking" ban was started right here in Anchorage. During his two terms as Governor, Knowles did more to help sport fishing, river habitat protection, and the Kenai River salmon runs than all the rest of the governors combined have done since statehood.

Tragedy could motivate Gordon
CHARLOTTE, N.C. Ricky Hendrick was like a little brother to Jeff Gordon.

NASCAR gets back to work
HAMPTON, Ga. The NASCAR family paused for a few days to mourn.

Soldotna bridge plans advance
Although the year's construction season is about over, plans to build a replacement bridge across the Kenai River in Soldotna are moving forward.

Marathon refutes Agrium's claims
Marathon Oil Co. has filed a response to a complaint filed by Agrium U.S. Inc. with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska in an attempt to have a pipeline owned and operated by Marathon and Unocal Corp. regulated as a common carrier.

Photo feature: Light it up
Angel Mendoza of Dutch Boy Landscaping strings holiday lights on a spruce tree next to the Kenai Chamber of Commerce's building Thursday afternoon. He said the tree will have more than 5,000 lights on it when he is done.

Youth detention facility running at over half full
In its first 10 months of operation, the Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility has had 90 juveniles in detention for an average of 22 days, the facility superintendent told Kenai business people Wednesday.

City heads toward helmet ruling
Thanks to a presentation from members of the group likely to be most affected, the city of Soldotna may soon pass a bicycle helmet law similar to one enacted in Kenai earlier this year.

Borough digs in to landfill management
Starting Jan. 1, the Central Peninsula Landfill will be managed directly by the Kenai Peninsula Borough and operated by borough employees.

Betty Wilkinson
Soldotna resident Betty Wilkinson died Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2004, at Central Peninsula General Hospital with her family by her side. She was 87.

Betty Jane (Ashley) Wilkinson
Longtime Soldotna resident Betty Jane (Ashley) Wilkinson died with her family at her bedside Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2004, at Central Peninsula General Hospital in Soldotna. She was 87.

John E. Kroker
Nikiski resident John E. Kroker died Friday, Oct. 22, 2004, in a fire at his residence in Nikiski. He was 43.

Ballot Measure 1 about fair, democratic representation
The framers of Alaska's Constitution did not want any particular part of the state to be able to dominate the initiative process, so they included a geographic distribution requirement.

Little attention paid to Bush supporters
While considerable attention has been paid in the media to entertainers supporting John Kerry, little mention has been made of sports legends who back George W. Bush.

U.S. may pursue similar policies with Bush, Kerry
It has been said with justice that this U.S. presidential election is a world election in which the world has no vote. Rarely if ever has a presidential election in the U.S. attracted so much international attention, based on the assumed worldwide consequences of a Bush or Kerry victory.

Kerry would work more closely with rest of world
(The presidential) elections will be among the closest and most controversial elections in the United States' recent history. In a way, they will be a plebiscite on President George. W. Bush, who was chosen to lead his country not by the ballots but by the Supreme Court magistrates.

Attorneys might be biggest election victors
Who will be the big winners in this year's elections? More and more it appears that lawyers with political clients will claim the greatest victories, no matter who wins the ballot tallies.

Where's the wildlife? Check the map
I'm sure there are times when you must wonder where the wildlife is on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. This kind of thought might hit you as you're hunting for caribou, paddling through the canoe system, birding along the Skyline Trail, or simply driving down the Sterling Highway looking for moose to show visiting relatives.

Birders put in long hours catching, banding raptors

Youngsters learn about gun safety
JUNEAU Sixth-graders Sheron Shramm and Raymond Webster, each carrying rifles, had to pass under a log in a simulation at the Juneau Gun Club on a recent Thursday.

Owner of tiny fishing shop loves his work
PECK, Idaho So long as there are no customers milling about, Mike Cummins closes up shop every day about 5 p.m. and heads to the Clearwater River.

Around the Peninsula
Inter-faith shelter meeting setTrapper orientation scheduledCaesarean awareness meeting setHealth center gets limited flu vaccineMasquerade ball, auction planned

Around the Peninsula
Boys and Girls to host trunk-or-treating Ghost ship to visit Homer Square dance lessons available Final day for mascot contest Fire safety equipment available Auction fund-raiser set Alcohol and drug abuse council to meet Help for home daycare providers

South Dakota teacher returns to after-school Bible study
SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) Third-grade teacher Barbara Wigg was back leading a weekly religious club last week after a federal appeals court upheld her right to do so.

Major Christian collegians' convention leaves longtime University of Illinois venue
MADISON, Wis. (AP) InterVarsity Christian Fellowship announced that its Mission Convention for college students, held on the University of Illinois campus in Urbana since 1948, will move in 2006 to the Edward Jones Dome and adjacent America's Center in St. Louis.

Vatican takes small steps in bid for reconciliation with Orthodox
VATICAN CITY (AP) Call it icon diplomacy.

Two Washington state parishes are the latest to quit Episcopal Church
SEATTLE (AP) Two Washington state parishes severed ties with the Episcopal Church last week and joined the Anglican Diocese of Recife, Brazil, partly to protest last year's U.S. consecration of an openly gay bishop.

Freedom from Religion leader announces retirement
MADISON, Wis. (AP) The president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation has announced plans to retire from the Madison-based group, known for filing lawsuits that seek strict separation of church and state.

Freedom comes from faith, not fear
Can you believe it? At 5 years old I had no mental or historical context for Halloween.

Mormon church plans film to mark founder's 200th birth anniversary
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) The Mormon church is producing a film on the life of founding prophet Joseph Smith Jr., whose claim to have discovered long-lost Christian scriptures in 1827 built the foundation for one of the world's fastest growing religions.

Church Briefs
Joel Weldon performs Saturday Harvest Carnival planned Youth to perform musical 40 Days of Purpose Campaign started Womens prayer group to meet

With success at Iowa private school, Transcendental Meditation advocates push for their practice elsewhere
FAIRFIELD, Iowa (AP) Here in the American headquarters of Transcendental Meditation, people like to brag that, much as in Garrison Keillor's fictional Lake Wobegon, ''all the children are above average.''

Orthodox synod in Syria approves self-government for North Americans
ENGLEWOOD, N.J. (AP) The 480,000-member Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America announced that a synod in Antioch, Syria, has granted it self-government.

New England's streak goes through Pittsburgh
When Bill Belichick and Bill Cowher were young defensive coordinators, they spent 14 hours together one day in New York, comparing notes in hopes of someday getting head coaching jobs.

Sluman fires 62 for course record
PALM HARBOR, Fla. Golf finally felt easy to Jeff Sluman, and it wasn't hard to see why.

Kodiak boys seek repeat title Race for girls crown could be very close
When the Region III Swimming and Diving Championships resume today at Skyview High School, the Kodiak boys will be chasing a second-straight crown while the Soldotna girls will be after a sixth straight crown.

Angry Shanahan says Broncos aren't only cut blockers
DENVER Angry that people around the league are calling his offensive line dirty, Mike Shanahan set out to prove the Broncos are really no different from anyone else.

Hokies top Yellow Jackets
ATLANTA Virginia Tech just couldn't seem to get going. There were turnovers. There were botched plays. There were missed opportunities.

Hawaii's Chang passes for impressive numbers
HONOLULU Ask Hawaii's Timmy Chang about the 94 touchdowns he has thrown, and he talks about his great receivers and blockers. Ask about his 14,791 yards passing, and he credits his coaches for believing in him.

Top Six Swim Times in the State

Divers enjoy spotlight
The divers had the pool to themselves Thursday night as they kicked off the competition in the Region III Swimming and Diving Championships at Skyview High School.

Photo feature: Hiding out
A spruce grouse blends into its namesake tree near Kenai on Wednesday.

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