Forget nepotism, Lisa is the best candidate

Posted: Friday, October 29, 2004

Initially, when Lisa Mur-kowski was appointed by her father, it bothered me. But I got over it. Why? For one, she was highly qualified, as were some other candidates. She was not someone that was new to the political arena. Secondly, I got over nepotism very quickly when the negative attack ads began circulating from the Tony Knowles campaign based upon half-truths and lies directed against Lisa Murkowski and her accomplishments. I think most voters can recognize campaign rhetoric when they see it.

I am voting for Murkowski. Not because her father appointed her, but for the fact that she has proven that she is a tireless advocate to represent me and our state. She has done a tremendous job for us. She has shown the work ethic and accomplishments through congress and has only begun to benefit our state through her and our congressional delegation's efforts.

A lot of voters know the facts of nepotism and accomplishments. These have happened and we need to move on and forward. For those of you who have not made up your mind and are not convinced, take the time to weigh the balance between her accomplishments and the campaign rhetoric presented by Knowles when you get to vote. I think you will see that her accomplishments are very clear and will far outweigh the issue of rhetoric and nepotism.

Also, on a lighter side and for those who have some bumper stickers of "Who Yo Daddy?," chew on this one for a while: "We Know Who Her Daddy Is-Do You Know Yours?"

Seriously folks, we need her in Congress to continue to work for us. I can say that Lisa is the type of individual who deserves this voter's vote. She's earned it and I would be proud to vote for her. I would strongly urge and encourage others to vote for her also.

Gerald H. Rexford, Fairbanks

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