Proposition 1 hurts initiative process

Posted: Friday, October 29, 2004

The Clarion has run two editorials touting a yes on Proposition 1 the change to the initiative process. Fairness has been the argument used. This argument will not pass muster.

The real push for Prop. 1 is not to make the process more fair, but to make the process more difficult and more expensive in order to reduce the number of initiatives. Prop. 1 has made some strange allies.

The state's Republican leadership wants to change the initiative process because it has been used to overturn some of their legislative actions. They are especially unhappy with the initiative for direct election to replace U.S. Senators. Can't have the people having too much power! Big Brother knows best!

Hunters, who obviously have great clout with the Legislature, want to stop what they consider anti-hunting initiatives.

Hunters have managed to get the Legislature to block appointments to the Board of Game of anyone who is for other wildlife activities. They have made the Board of Game a closed club. They don't want initiatives messing with it.

Alaska Natives, who are not happy with urban hnters, don't want any restrictions on hunting, so they oppose the current initiative process that they feel makes it easier to set restrictions.

Paraphrasing Don Young: voting yes on Prop 1 is a vote for fairness only when moose start to fly!

William Phillips , Kenai

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