Knowles won't get heard in Senate

Posted: Friday, October 29, 2004

Tony, an independent voice?

More like a kid whining for a toy because he got to the toy store. The Carter, Clinton, Kennedy, Kerry Democrats will no more listen to Knowles than they would to anyone about opening ANWR or allowing logging in Southeast Alaska. Once again it proves that Tony knows less about Washington politics than the informed Alaskans who follow other news sources in addition to the liberal media.

Tony has sold his business, its rumored that his house is for sale. Could it be he is leaving the state, win or lose? Another Mike Gravel or Steve Cowper? Is this campaign against Lisa to repay his debt to the party? Maybe have us pay for his move Outside? If elected, his chances of getting any legislation passed to benefit Alaska is like a snowball surviving in downtown Boston in July. With no seniority, unless he joins the "blame America first" crowd, he can't expect any viable committee assignments from the Senate leftist, liberal, anti-Alaskan side.

Tony says he is voting for John Kerry. This is evidence that Tony knows less about the "blame American first" Carter, Clinton, Kennedy, Kerry party that informed veterans do. John Kerry has always been considered a traitor by honorable U.S. Vietnam veterans and a hero to the Vietnamese Communists. If Vietnam veteran Knowles, knowing John Kerry's anti-war role as a spokesperson for the Communist front "Vietnam Veterans Against the War" is still supporting and voting for Kerry, Tony is not qualified to represent loyal Alaskans.

Do you "blame America first," Tony?

Berkeley J. Ide , TSgt, USAF (Ret.), Koren, Vietnam,

Cold War veteran, Anchorage

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