Murkowski, Stevens, Young a great team

Posted: Friday, October 29, 2004

I wholeheartedly support our U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski. I admire the commitment, integrity and dedication that she has thus far demonstrated for us Alaskans.

With the depletion of our current oil resources, ANWR and the natural gas line mean Alaskan jobs. Senator Lisa Murkowski will unwaveringly continue fighting for both ANWR and the gas line for us.

Shame on anyone who believed Knowles stating he would get Bill Clinton's backing to open up ANWR. Shame on Knowles now, stating he can get ANWR votes from Daschle, Kennedy or Kerry. Just look at their voting records; they anticipate Knowles to support their agenda.

It is frightening to know that Knowles' participation on the PEW Commission might lead to federal control of our fisheries, which are held as the best in the world. I consider this a foul betrayal to Alaskan fishers. Knowles may regret and doubletalk his role there, but his actions illustrate that he does not put Alaskans first. I fervently say, "no" to Knowles.

Our current Senator Ted Stevens, as well as Congressman Don Young, support Senator Lisa Murkowski.

They make a great team fighting together effectively and steadfastly for Alaskans. To vote otherwise would weaken this team. We must return Senator Lisa Murkowski to Washington, D.C. to work for us Alaskans!

Yolanda Clary, Anchorage

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