Sykes an Alaskan choice for Senate

Posted: Friday, October 29, 2004

I just watched the news that stated that Jim Sykes does not have the required five percent support to take part in the debates. Just yesterday I was poled. I was asked, "who will you vote for, Murkowski or Knowles?"

I said I am voting for Jim Sykes. The response to that was, "I will put you down as undecided." My immediate response was, "does that mean my vote isn't counted because I'm not voting for a Republican or Democrat." The guy said, "I'll put you down as undecided." I again told him I was voting for Sykes.

Then he asked me a second question. Again, my answer wasn't acceptable and the guy angrily said, "I'll put down as undecided" and slammed down the receiver in my ear. If this is how 'they' keep the third party candidates from the debates, I don't have to wonder how they keep them out of office.

What has happened to our freedom to choose, and our freedom of speech? The right to vote for whom you believe will do a good job for all of us rather than having our votes thrown out if it is not cast for the choice of a few elites who buy their votes in some way.

Jim Sykes doesn't take money from Outside interests. Mr. Sykes takes contributions from Alaskans only, and would be working for Alaskans and not Outside interests.

Shirley Buchholz , Sutton

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